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How to Make a Clay Pitcher : Pulling a Clay Pitcher Handle

How to Make a Clay Pitcher : Pulling a Clay Pitcher Handle

So our handle’s attached and we’re ready to
actually pull that into the final form. You’re going to take your pitcher and hold it almost
upside down over your bucket of water. You have to get this very wet. You do not want
friction in this process or you will pull it right off. And then you’re just going to,
almost like you’re milking a cow? You’re just going to squeeze and pull down. And if you
want, I like to put a ridge in the middle for when you’re holding the pitcher, a place
for your thumb to go. So I actually do that as I’m pulling. I make a little ridge. It’s
important to pull from several different directions so that you keep it nice and even. If you
try to do it all just the same way you’re going to end up with lopsided and one side
of the handle will be thicker than the other. Which isn’t the greatest. And this does take
a little time because you do have to be patient. You can’t pull too much at once or you’ll
pull the whole handle off, part of the handle off. And you won’t like that and you’ll have
to start completely over. So be patient with it. Gentle with it and just keep pulling until
you have the length that you need. And you’ll notice the end piece is a little thicker and
that’s okay because it’s going to come off. Okay so now I have pulled it and I will turn
the pitcher right side up. Support the handle so that it doesn’t fall down. Push it right
into the place where you’ve already scored and prepared and smooth it in. And then you just give it a final shaping
and voila, a pitcher.


I've had trouble pulling handles, maybe you could make more videos on how to's with pottery, I'm trying to make a pitcher, teapot, but I can't seem to actually make a spherical or cylinder shape. How do I accomplish this?

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