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How to Master 3 Basic Tennis Strokes

How to Master 3 Basic Tennis Strokes

Hi, my name is Dustin Hedger. I’ve been playing
tennis for 25 years now and coaching for 17 years. I’d like to teach you the three most
fundamental strokes in the game of tennis today. The first shot I’d like to teach you today,
is the volley. The volley is a shot that you hit in tennis when you’re close to the next,
inside the service court area. You’re either hitting the ball in the air or, after the
bounce, and the three most important parts of the volley are 1. Stance. 2. Proper Grip.
And 3. Proper contact point. The stance for the volley is referred to as
the athletic position. Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, heels off the
ground, weight forward, racket out in front of your body, tilted upward. When hitting the volley, it’s critical that
you use the proper grip. The proper grip for the volley is referred to as the “Continental
Grip” or “The Hammer Grip”. To get the hammer grip or continental grip, simply slide your
hand down the side of your racket, as if you’re holding a hammer. The last step of the volley
is making contact. In the athletic position, when the ball comes to one side, simply turn
your body to that side, step and block the ball back in play. Notice that when you make
contact with the volley, the racket head is going to freeze. You don’t want a big swing
on your follow through. On the backhand side, the same principal applies. The ball comes
to your backhand side, turn, step and block the ball out in front of your volley. When you’re hitting a shot from behind the
baseline from the back court of a tennis court, you’re hitting what’s called a ground stroke.
And when you’re hitting a ground stroke, it’s important to be able to impart topspin on
the ball. This enables you to hit the ball hard without hitting the ball long. In order
to hit top spin, you must create a path of the racket whereas the racket starts at a
level below the ball and finishes at a level up above it. This creates a rainbow effect
on the ball, such that you hit the ball hard, but the ball will still go in play. When hitting a forehand topspin ground stroke,
there are three things to keep in mind. One, Proper Grip; Two, Proper Beginning; And Three,
the proper finish to the stroke. The grip that you want for a forehand topspin ground
stroke, is the same grip that you use to pick up a pan from the ground. When the ball comes
to you, in ready position, you’re behind the baseline, simply take the racket back. When
the ball comes, step, swing from low to high, rushing up the back of the ball, following
through the opposite shoulder. When hitting a backhand topspin ground stroke,
there are also three things to keep in mind. The grip, the beginning, and the finish of
the shot. First, the proper grip. Your right hand is going to slide right down the side
of the racket, your non-dominant hand will slide down the racket, and rest gently on
top of the dominant hand. When the ball comes, we’re going to turn our body, step, swing
from low to high, brush the back of the ball, follow through on the opposite shoulder. The last shot I’d like to teach you today
is the shot that many consider to be the most important shot in tennis, the Serve. When
tossing the ball, put the ball in the throat of the racket or on the strings, and your
hands can go down together, up together on the wind up. You’re going to release the ball
with your left hand, or non-dominant hand, such that the ball is going to be at least
6 inches above how high you can reach with your racket. Maybe higher, but never any lower.
I want you to think of a motion that’s probably very familiar to you, that of throwing a baseball.
Because in fact, the baseball throwing motion, is the same motion we want to use when serving
a tennis ball. The racket is going to come back behind her head, reach up over at the
ball, coming up over the upper right hand corner of the ball and following through on
the left side of our body. Altogether, it will look like this. Down together, up together,
hooray, and throw the racket at the tennis ball. And there you have it. If you follow my concise
tips on how to volley, hit a ground stroke, and hit a serve, you’ll have conquered the
primary skills that you need to play the game of tennis. Happy hitting, hope to see you
on the courts.


so I decided to buy tennis rackets and I played once and I fell in love. I can't get over it. I want to play and get better and better. thank You for this video I will see you on the court!

I don't see the point of tennis when badminton is so much easier. All you need is the badminton bird as they call it, lighter rackets and not a huge wide court that needs to be maintained regularly. All you need is a standard gym or outdoors somewhere where theres the minimal amount of space. I played pickleball with a friend of mine who wanted to set up tennis courts. He said it was a miniature table tennis game to get the people used to real tennis. Table tennis makes more sense as what you need is a much more mobile, versatile table and it can be done indoors in bad weather. So I tried real tennis with him and you know what? I didn't care about it. Much harder on the arm, much more difficult to master, and they always make it competitive unlike the other 2 games. Also with tennis to learn how to play at all you have to be a ridiculously young age like a kid and only a select few have the interest. If you start playing as an adult for the first time, your coordination will never be good enough. I have tried it with cousin and acquaintances I knew who liked it at the local outdoor summer clubs and thats what I can tell anyone. So I am far too old to learn now and have little interest. Although I suggest replacing tennis with badminton or table tennis as anyone can enjoy them and still get some exercise. Tennis is mostly all about having to get better and better. Don't care for that

I started playing tennis since I was 7 years old and this really help me well after all that year, I've been training and I still don't get the hitting… So thanks

Watch this video if you want to learn tennis. It has great examples and awesome tips to succeed. – subscribe if you liked it 🙂

Been playing tennis since I was seven. Never looked back, it's the best sport for hand eye coordination since like EVER.

Buen video hombre gracias. Me gusta los anteojos del sol. Pienso que jugaré tenis mejor despues de este video.

I'm 13 (almost 14) and my parents want me to play tennis because I have long legs lol😂. It looks like a lot of fun! I have one question though… Will it be harder for me because I'm left handed?

Lmao me and my friends just randomly joined the tennis team in our school so just seeing the basics cuz you know I might start getting into tennis.

I want to do tennis because I’ve been getting tired of doing dance. As much as I love hip hop and color guard, it’s getting boring. I don’t like volleyball, basketball, softball, and more. But I do adore tennis.

I’m 8 and my dad told me I would play tennis until I’m so good at it. My dad has the same tennis racket

my friend wanted me to try out for tennis, and now i need to learn everything because i actually made the team 😂

When I first started tennis, my coach taught me how to serve by saying: “cut the toes, scratch the back, and toss the ball” he means use your racket to pretend you’re doing that. Look at the way he serves in the video and you’ll understand the steps

I was convinced to join my schools tennis team and I’ve literally never played so im looking through every vid on yt rip

I always had an interest in tennis but never really played and now I need to play a sport and I think tennis will be great for me so wish me luck

I'm planning to join my school's tennis team but i have NEVER played tennis before. Thanks for the help, I hope i do well on my first impression…

Thank you! Have been playing for a little while now and haven't ever actually looked up any proper techniques!

Grip is way to high up on the handle to effective serve. His snap loses speed on his serve due to an improper take back and extension and what I mentioned above.

So I played tennis in 7th grade but not in 8th grade and I’m just going into high school for freshman year for all 4 years of high school , and I haven’t had much practice for like a year so this really helps me!

that moment when you’re a sophomore and decided to quit your lifelong sport and go to tennis even though you have no idea how to play and tryouts are tomorrow😌🤟🏻

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