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How to Pitch a Baseball : How to Grip a Baseball on Pitches

How to Pitch a Baseball : How to Grip a Baseball on Pitches

Hi! My name is Mike Lumley on behalf of Expert
Village and I am here to teach you pitching. The first thing we want to talk to about today
is the grip. The grip is actually one of the most important things for flight, movement,
accuracy on the end result of the target. So we have two different options. One is a
four seam and that is where we put our fingers across the seam, across the fat part of the
seam and why it is called four seam is when the ball rotates, four seam cuts through the
air. Four seam is a little straighter, a little truer and then we move to two seam. On two
seam, you can either go with the small part of the laces or across the small part of the
laces. From there, we gain a little more movement so the theory is as the ball goes, it slips
through the air and creates a little bit of drag and starts to tail out to whatever side
that the pitcher is. So right hander to the left side and left hander to the right side.
Most young kids should start with a four seam but understand that some of the younger kids
have small hands so if they want to go with the two seam, that’s fine because movement
at that age isn’t really a big factor because of lack of velocity.


I really like videos like this. There's not a ton of information here which is unfortunate and what most people criticize for; but I did learn something which is not at all bad for an 80-second video.

Four-seam and two-seam. I though two-seam was the proper way to hold a ball. I had no idea four-seam was not only viable but also offered a truer line of flight!


check out my baseball grips ond pitches on the channell geminibaum29 thanks its only likme 3 mins and what is 3 mins in the you tube world

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