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How to Sing on Pitch | Vocal Lessons

How to Sing on Pitch | Vocal Lessons

Hi I’m Cari Cole. I’m a celebrity vocal coach and artist development
expert. And I help artist find their voice, craft
their music, and create successful music careers. I’ve worked with Donald Fagen from Steely
Dan, Courtney Love from Hole, I’ve worked with the band Journey. I’m going to teach you how to be a better
singer and performer I’m going to give you an exercise and a lesson
for singing with good pitch. Those of you who watch American Idol, the
word “pitch” has become a household word. We all know what that means when a singer
is singing slightly off-pitch. Pitch is something that even good singers
work hard to have. You can have a really good musical ear and
have a good musical voice, and still go slightly off-pitch. You can have a voice that goes off-pitch just
from not being a singer and not using the voice much. The more you sing, the better your center
of pitch gets. You want to think of pitch like a circle with
a bullseye right in the center. Different singers actually sing and professional
singers who have good pitch all have a slightly different center of pitch. So there are some singers that sing slightly
sharp, and some singers that sing slightly flat, but not enough to go outside of that
circle. So it sounds like its really good pitch, but
if you put them together singing in unison, you would even hear that. Now for your, starting to get a better sense
of pitch, I want you start thinking of your notes as circles. You want to aim for the bullseye. The best way to do this and do it well is
to record yourself and listen back. The first thing in determining whether you
are singing on pitch is understanding whether you are singing sharp, on the sharp side,
or the flat side of the note. I like to take it to the max first. Let’s sing at the center of pitch and then
go outside of the pitch, so that you can hear that difference. So, we’re going to go sharp first. I’m going to sing ah (sings ah while varying
pitch). Doesn’t sound so good. But that is important to determine that that
is a sharp note. Now here’s a flat note. Here’s the center. (sings ah) Sounds flat, okay? So you can’t have good pitch until your ear
hears the center of pitch and whether you are singing sharp or singing flat. That’s the first thing. And I recommend going to the piano, playing
a note, and trying to hit the pitch. And then go slightly sharp, and then come
back to the center, and then go slightly flat. Kind of like tuning a guitar string, how we
would bring it in to the pitch. The next thing with pitch is using the piano
or using an instrument as a guide, which is really helpful. And the third thing is to sing a cappella
a lot. But here’s the thing with that, if you’re
going to sing A cappella, I’d like you to find what key the song is in and use an iPhone
app or something, a piano app, to actually hit the note first for you, so that you are
in the right key, if you are going to sing A cappella. And that’s a trick for singing a cappella
songs in general. If you are going to go for an audition, you
want to make sure that you don’t come in on the wrong note or in the wrong key, and then
all of a sudden you are singing way higher than you need to. You want to be in the right key. Okay, back to pitch. We’re going to sing center of pitch. What a lot of you are going to do, you’re
going to slide into that note. You’re going to ah-uh-ah (sings at varying
pitch). What I want you to imagine is, you’re going
to aim right for the center of the bullseye. (Sings ah). And you want to imagine coming to it from
above. Why is because the actually soft palette,
which is inside the mouth, needs to lift for you to be able to hit center of pitch. That gets a little bit technical, but you
can start taking lessons with a vocal coach to experience that more, because it’s really
exciting when you start to make those changes and be more accurate with your pitch. So we’re just going to do a little scale,
singing on ahh. (Sings five notes and then plays the five
notes on the piano.) And now, pretty good so far, now we’re going
to go to a five-note scale. The challenge here is in the major scale. There is a whole note, whole note, half note,
whole note series. The relationship between all those notes is
not exactly the same, which is where most people tend to go off-pitch. And this is a little bit more advanced but
I wanted to give it to you because I think it would be interesting for you to learn. So we’re going to hear that scale again and
the fourth note is the half-step. Here we go. (Plays and sings ah) Half-step. (sings) Those notes are closer to each other
than the first three. Let’s do it again from the beginning of the
scale. (Sings) I think of it as a sideways note. Do it again. (Sings) Mastering your whole steps and half steps
have a lot to do with having good pitch.


I'm Souvick And I want to know that mine age is 17 can I still learn singing as annoying singer in future

I think I have to practice more on pitch nd high notes..🤔🤔I'm on smule singing app and whenever I listen someone's song who sings really well and then I think that I can't sing…and I hope that it will help me…I'll try my best…and one more thing .. guys plzz like my comment just for appreciating me..plz😓😓🙏

the best results that ive had was by following the Bens Singer Blog (just google it) without a doubt the best method that I've tried.

If anyone can come close to answering this it would be appreciated, when playing chords either on a piano or guitar there are many notes played within each chord , so how do you know or decided which note to sing over each chord ? Thanks !

When i sing and i try to sing on pitch i feel like i havent got any breath in me even though i do sing from my diaphram. Is this me only? HELPP

My name isShacha Diana iv just started a singing class and I’m told I’m out of pitch can u
Advice me on how to train my voice to be in pitch as I want to become a successful singer

hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about how to sing properly online try Panlarko Sing Fast Planner(do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got amazing success with it.

dont forget to be realistic – you must put in a bit of work whatever system you use for learning to sing I've been researching into how to play singing and found a fantastic resource at Bens singer blog (google it if you're interested)

Your not a celebrity, You don’t even have 800k views. Usually if people say they are, they aren’t. For 2, I have 2 mil views on sound cloud now, I might be but I don’t know. Haha 3, don’t have a 3rd. This didn’t help me tho.

She knows her craft.. but she needs to reduce the mike sensitivity and add a pop screen. The whole point of recording ones voice is to replicate a live audio presentation.

Amazing tutorial! Thank you. My autistic son is a musician and he is working on his singing as his voice changes. This really helps.

dont forget to be realistic – you'll have to put in some work whatever system you follow for learning to sing I've been studying how to play singing and found an awesome website at Bens Singer Blog (google it if you're interested)

wish i had this video when i took music appreciation in college. Thanks I learned more in 3 minutes than 3 months

You can sing on pitch or you cant ,this woman is talking crap ,singing is a natural talent you either have or not, she has no singing talent what so ever so do not listen to her Bullshite and do not subscribe to her nonsense

on 5.48 mins you have shown me more than anyone i have watched ever … i think i love you…… wow

2:49 "Kind of like tuning a guitar string". Exactly what I was thinking before she said it. Helpful Video. Thanks.

Here are two key ideas, no pun intended.
1) Sing a lot. 2) Listen a lot. The ear to brain to mouth connection can be strengthened like a muscle. The more you do it, the better you will become.

Short take.. non-singers have to really work at it.
I've been singing since I was 4 yrs old.. I really feel sorry for those to whom it does not come naturally.

Hello Cari, love your content. I'm seriously thinking about taking your course. I've recorded a vocal comparison of a song I recently sung called "Still" by Hillary Scott (Lady A) and your advice regarding keeping pitch within a circle and trying to hit the bullseye really makes sense. This comparison (take a quick listen if you don't mind) really makes me think I can't sing as well as I thought, lol 😊 Granted, nerves have a lot to do with my performance since my sound check sounded way better. But I just beat myself up over performances because I think I sound good one way, then I listen to the recording and absolutely cringe. Is there any hope for me? Lol, I know there is, I just compare myself and try to get better. I was hoping by reaching out to you, you could encourage me to either keep singing or find another area of expertise to work at being excellent at. God bless you and hope to hear from you!

Of Willie Nelson someone said 'he isn't on the note, he's not off it, he's not on the beat and he's not off beat.' Clue!

Until about 1 year ago I could never sing on pitch. I couldn't even hear or know what I was doing. Just sang in the car or in the shower. Then I just picked up a guitar and started low and brought my voice into the pitch. It seemed my voice and the 5th string C note matched. I hadn't trained my ear to listen for pitch. Then I went to my piano and started to train my voice to equal what I played on the piano. When my piano and voice matched I could suddenly hear it! All my life I couldn't sing on pitch. Now I can for the notes in my range. (baritone) A music teacher in college said I was tone deaf. I was just not trained by anyone. I had to train myself.

I have to go a little sharp when I'm singing. It's an effective challenge but it never fails me. My cello teacher introduced the concept when I was soloing. "Go North, Charity." I use it when I'm singing but it's because I sing a little flat. How can a cellist sing flat when she plays spot on? Easy. I can feel the sounds waves through my fingers and the tuning peg in my ear. With singing, it's like I don't even know myself. Even though I've spent my life on a fretless instrument. I love this first tutorial, thank you. – Charity

So you are a celebrity?
Why do you want to be a celebrity. Skip celebrity and go straight to being Jesus. Idiot

Great info. This is why singing harmony is so challenging. Some people sing slightly sharp some slightly flat, but in the target area. I wish I could see the notes you were playing on the piano.

The best tip I could give singers is to record yourself singing and play it back. You will get the chills up your spine when you reach perfection.

How did all the singers of ole do it, they didn’t have a teacher they just sang and were great… it’s like we have just lost that love and feeling, cause the crap i here on the radio, well they should have watched this video… for real

Accurate pitch in a singer is generated in one's brain, not in the ears. We need to feel pitch, not listen to ourselves. We work hard at not listening as we sing.The ears are false gods.

Very good. I'm a pro singer that is having to perform with hearing loss accumulated over my long career. I have faced pitch issues I never had before. This "bullseye" approach and coming in from above instead of scooping up is a great mental exercise! I'm going to work at this one. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of teaching with us!

I'm sorry but you always start out on the first note FLAT!. Ouch… and bring up the third note of the scale. This should always be sung slightly high….not flat! You are consistently flat.

in the first example of sharp and flat, you are not going sharp or flat. You are singing a different note. you are singing a whole step up, and down. C-D, C-B. that's not sharp or flat, that is a wrong note.

I like the constructive criticism. All the thumbs down, must think they can sing on pitch reminds of people that failed on American Idol.

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Funny… she never ever mentioned "support" as a crucial part of singing in tune… (and the fact she made the video using a mic!)

This was uploaded in 2011. Did Bradley Cooper find this tutorial when researching for A Star Is Born? Because the background music 1000% sounds like a more uptempo instrumental for Shallow. Juuuuuust saying….

Very good explanations. THINK on the TOP end of the bullseye rather than on the bottom end. In other words think of the top end of the note to make sure you are there. All people I have ever heard that have bad pitch sing FLAT which is offending to anyone with good pitch. Singers that are off key are almost always Flat, very rarely are they Sharp. lol

these things are very easily taught in indian classical music when the learners are taught 'paltas' in different types of 'ragas'

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