How to “Stay Inside the Ball”

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today i want to talk about how to stay inside the ball and threw the baseball i
want to talk about the evolution of the swing and what’s kind of happened in the
modern ages versus back in the day so sometimes your watch clips from really
early on in the years of baseball where catchers stood up and a lot of pitches
came you know chest high and you develop terms like swing level and you have
swings that were much flatter whereas nowadays in the major leagues you pretty
much have a strike zone that’s from the waist to the knees so the swing has
evolved to handle that and to still be able to drive these balls that are lower
in the zone and keep them off the ground so what you also get with that is a
swing that can better stay inside the baseball and threw the baseball so let’s
take a look here this is Joey Votto this is something you’ll see from him this is
not a one-time thing this is uh what he does when he does it very well his swing
plane is what I call very vertical right so like the barrels way below his hands
the hands stay up bell goes down the shoulders tilt the bats level with the
shoulders and the bats pretty much at a 45-degree angle if not steeper than that
and what this allows him to do is to again keep this ball off the ground and
stay through the ball so it’s not just contact it’s all the way through here is
look how far his shoulders are tilting the hands stay back and he’s approaching
this ball from underneath the baseball he’s kind of giving down getting behind
and really forcing this ball up into the absolute field makes a really nice shape
in the arms really nice bat path this is how you stay inside the baseball okay if
he were to level out his swing plane he would not stay inside the baseball and
he would not hit to all fields as well as he does if you look at guys that hit
all fields yes Miguel Cabrera Mike Trout Ryan Howard Matt count all these guys
have very steep swing planes and this is what i mean by steep is is the hand stay
up the barrel comes down there drop their back shoulder pretty much as far
as it can go and this allows them to really stay behind improve so this whole
path right here notice how the pat is going out towards the pitcher right or
out towards out away from the body instead of just turning left right away
you have this period here where the bats coming from behind him out through the
ball this way right in through here now eventually the bad does turn left or
right in his case either Lefty eventually the bat turns and their hands
are all over but you see how extension happens out towards the pitcher this
type of Swing adjustment is necessary to hit the whole fields some work
movado here I mean really sports this ball to the opposite field this is this
is what staying inside the ball at this is forcing the ball I’d say even on this
swing he forced it a little too much I’d like to see him just pull this ball
because sense is a lot shorter to the full side but you get this pitch down
the middle or middle in typically you want to hit that to the to the full side
gap but were you talking about the best hitter in the world or one of the best
he can do this right he can force this ball the opposite field and he can
really get down in here notice the barrels below the baseball at this point
really forced this ball the opposite field this is this is how you stay
inside the baseball and we talked about the hands going out towards the pitcher
right same kind of deal here’s a good look at the bat path and how it should
look a lot of coaches are teaching them to swing down on the ball and stay over
top of it and that’s just not what happens in a major leagues finger and
its successful major-league swing as would say and it’s not just a home run
thing this is also fair line drives you need to be able to match clean with the
pitch so here you see the bats obviously on upward path through the ball and
you’ve squared this ball for a home run this is not a pop-up this is not a
one-time thing this is squared up for home run and I did objector you that’s
advantageous for hitting the ball as far as possible and it’s a ton of value of
handing a ball as far as possible for anyone at any size or any age came
across this drill this is the Tootsie drill I did this when I was younger I
was taught this and this was right just this kind of that path could not be
any more wrong barrel staves above the baseball and doesn’t get behind the
baseball this is really just very elementary talk here is just matching
playing with the pitch I mean there’s so much more to what I teach in the field
of recreating the movement patterns of the best hitters in the world and if you
can’t get past this you know we’re not off to a good start so this isn’t this
is not how you hit a baseball this is not how you successfully get the back
behind the baseball for a long time or stay inside or any of those things and
he hit a ground ball right you’re out there’s nothing good about this wing at
all you’re out did Miguel Cabrera yes he’s hitting home run but you know what
I promise you take a look at him every single line drive he’s ever hit will
also show this exact same path the bath behind the ball back here and that’s the
way it should be that’s the way that’s what part of what allows him to be so
successful two glands same thing now he wrote about this in 1971 if you haven’t
read his boat please do so it’s called the science of hitting his Darrell will
clearly hit this T and its way back this is this is as far as separate as you can
possibly put the teeth in this drill and I’m telling you that he is successful as
he was because his barrel hits this back teeth this is not chopping man’s this is
not collapsing or any of those things a hand stay up chest high the barrel jobs
behind the baseball swing stays tight through the ball finally we’ll finish off here some
Miguel Cabrera from the front again staying inside the baseball stitches
sigh I drops the shoulder down in there stays behind the baseball and threw the
baseball some coaches would look at this and say that he doesn’t get his back hip
through I disagree with that he’s definitely not squishing the bug but
when you swing more vertical like this which would typically see is the hips
won’t open as far and they don’t have to because the swing is happening
vertically when you swing very horizontal and level the hips will open
up farther but with this kind of bat past where it stays behind and threw the
baseball this way you’re just not going to see these guys open up as far that
means Matt Kemp Adrian Gonzales Mike Trout Miguel Cabrera these guys swinging
more vertical through the zone staying inside the ball keep the ball in the air
and again they don’t turn the hips as far that’s okay I can remember in the
playoffs a few years ago commentators you know criticizing Cabrera for not
getting as hipster well you know what I promise you he uses his lower half just
fine please subscribe to the channel again Sean Plouffe catch you next time

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