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How to Throw Baseball Pitches : How to Throw a Slider Pitch

How to Throw Baseball Pitches : How to Throw a Slider Pitch

The slider is one of the most common pitches
and one of the most widely used pitches in baseball. Basically the slider is accomplished
by gripping a two seam type grip with the longest finger on your hand being the control
finger, the finger that has the most pressure on it, very light amount of pressure on your
first finger. It is thrown similar to the curve ball but the velocity is thrown at much
more the rate of the fast ball, much more high velocity pitch. The ball breaks a little
bit less than a curve ball and breaks very late if it is effective with some downward
sinking. Basically the ball is thrown with your wrists more or less at a two or three
o’clock position and pulling down and that creates the spin that creates the slider and
that’s how you grip and throw a slider.


Any 1 can throw the ball 30 mph and make it drop .This video is good for griping the ball but He isn't throwing hard enough for a slider ….80 – 90 mph is good Hard with movement. 30mph and if that was over the plate for a strike that ball woulda been hit to South Africa……

I bet he knows more about baseball than youll ever know. I also bet hed strike you out… Your sad get out of here please

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