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I thought I could throw faster than a White Sox pitcher

I thought I could throw faster than a White Sox pitcher

*inspirational music starts* I’ve always wanted to be a baseball
player. This is my opportunity right here. Beautiful day, sun is shining. Just gotta
get the arm loose, gonna step in there. Not gonna worry about the competition. Just hit 90! 90 miles an hour! One time! I’ve been doing my yoga. I’ve been doing
Pilates. I’m not worried. I know there’s tough
competition out here. But today is the day. That I not only live my dream, but I
realize my dream and I put my best foot forward. I’m gonna be a Chicago White Sox. I got this. *inspirational music fades out* Brooks Boyer, vice president sales and
marketing. This is a marketing event, but I actually think you’re looking for talent. *laughs*
We are not. We’re not finding it. We are finding soft reporters with
all of this gear that you have on. It’s not that cold out When you gave out the White Sox onesie though did you realize that… This is creative! It looks good on…it looks good on YOU. This is an awesome event. Obviously you want
to do something in coordination with tickets going on sale. And to have people come
out in these conditions And to throw a baseball. So far no one’s walked off
holding their shoulder or their elbows So this a lot of fun. Tony how’d you do? Uh, I threw 71 and then a 69. It’s pretty slippery out there,
so hard to get some footing. I mean the way you battled, the way you came in here,
the way you believed in yourself Let’s hear about that. Sure, I’ve been taking
my vitamins. You know I’ve been saying my prayers. I’ve been believing in myself. Uh, you know I was listening to AC/DC You know – Back to Black – this morning. Watched a little Wrestlemania VI, WrestleMania VII Some Warrior-Hogan. If you can’t get inspired by that then you shouldn’t be out here. *to camera-person*
We got the winning pitch. Did you think anybody else was going to hit 76? I looked around the room and you do this when you’re sitting there, you go… “Who’s got it? Who’s got it?” I thought there was only five or six guys who I thought were at least gonna be up there. Are you gonna shed a tear at all here? I mean this is a big time moment! I don’t know if you could ever top this in your life. I grew up such a die-hard White Sox fan Baines, my first… I actually cried the day Baines was traded. So, uh, the first time in ’89. Just being here is like… I was here for both World Series games. I’ve been here for so many… This has been our family. Our family’s been here for years and years and years. This is…that’s why…that’s why it means more. I don’t care that I won. It’s just fun to
be out here. There was tremendous competitors out here and great Sox fans, but honestly you deserve it with the amount that this is in your blood. Oh, I appreciate that Mark. I mean it really does… matter to our family. A good day is any day that the Soxs win. That’s all that matters. That’s all that matters… We are finding SOFT reporters… Watched a little Wrestlemania VI, Wrestlemania VII… 94! *SCREAMS WITH JOY* *screaming fades, inspirational rock music plays* *music still playing, crying noises* you


I’m a huge fan of the white sox my dad has gone to a ton of games he went to the 2005 World Series Sox Opening Day Playoff game one Playoff game two

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