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Improv Comedy Icebreaker Games : Improv Comedy Games: Ball

Improv Comedy Icebreaker Games : Improv Comedy Games: Ball

This is one of my favorite improv warm ups,
or icebreakers, and I just call it Ball, and it’s really simple, but it’s got almost everything
in it, everything that improv is about, and here’s how it works. You get everybody out
into the space, probably in a circle, and you show them the ball, and you say, ” We’re
going to hit the ball in the air, and the only rule is, you can’t hit the ball twice
in a row, yourself, so every time it gets hit, it needs to be hit by a new person, and
we’re going to count.” We’re going to see how many hits we can get in a row. I like
to think of it as volleyball, but everyone is on the same team, so you see how many hits
you can get in a row. If the ball hits the floor, you start back over at zero, so everybody
has to count. It’s part of the vocal warm up, and part of the group mind, so people
go, one, two, three, four, except for of course, those will all be hits by different people,
because nobody can hit the ball twice in a row. And interesting things start to emerge
when you play that game, because there’s lots of failure, and lots of messing up, and you
see how people are going to deal with that. With those mistakes, do people get down on
themselves, do they stay in the game. Is the game being shared by lots of people? How high
can you go? Is the group getting connected? Are people making it easy for each other?
And it’s really fun, because it’s one of those games, where the game’s working or it’s not,
and the ball will teach you that. So it’s a simple game, but I know some of the best
improvisers in the world use it as their warm up, and I like to use it with my improv troupe,
when we warm up. We take out the ball, and we just hit it, and see how high we can go.
So it’s fun to also be in a big space, so be mindful of the space you’re in. A ball
is not appropriate for chandeliers, or big, spiky things. That is the improv icebreaker,


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