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Jimmie Jones & Hands of a Stranger

Jimmie Jones & Hands of a Stranger

of all the musical instruments I’ve
happened to master over the years I would be inclined to mention that the
piano has become my most favorite of all and it will also appear that is rapidly
becoming Tangellas favorite as well thank you Tangella that will be quite enough my
purpose in extolling my affection for the keys is because tonight’s ghastly
tale revolves around the misadventures of a concert pianist who loses his hands
in a grisly taxicab mishap Tangella you should never have taught her that song indeed Handrew would you be kind enough to ask Tangella to temporarily put her
performance on hold welcome to Creature Features I’m your
host Vincent the lovely lass in the background playing chopsticks would be
my budding young piano protege Tangella and the debonair bloke to your left is
my ever-present valet Mr. Livingston tonight’s film is a legendary classic
from 1962 entitled Hands of a Stranger legendary classic absolutely well
perhaps not legendary nor classic but it is an interesting film that should
frighten two or three people in our television audience
you know Livingston I truly ponder if they ever did contemplate releasing a film
sequel entitled Feet of the Stranger and joining us for this piano concerto gone
wrong will be our old friend radio personality Jimmy Jones he’ll hold court
with us as we dissect the merits of and perhaps even chuckle upon the different
portions of this film he’ll also chat us up about the world of
fandom which he covers so diligently on his Pop Culture Kaboom website so don’t
go away because it’s going to be another night of grand piano fright right here
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feeling a lot better. Go to or shop wherever you see the St. Jude logo. hello my lovelies it’s that time of the
week you know what it is it’s Creature Feature night and we’ve
got a new episode with a new guest in a new movie
so it’s like all new we’ve got Jimmy Jones hello the famous Jimmy Jones
he does like radio and pop culture stuff and yeah
you know you did like everything without not everything but a lot of stuff well you
know when we were on your show you would like emptying garbage cans and not that
kind of stuff like cleaning bottles and things like that well I was finishing
off bottles but I wasn’t cleaning oh that’s what you mean by cleaning all
right so last time I saw you was in the hotel lobby in Carson City yeah I left
my glasses at his radio station and he fetched them sunglasses he kind of needs them to
drive back to Bodega Bay no I do it was like Tangella and I went and did his show
we were like it was like two hours sightseeing
no the sightseeing was wonderful we went we went up to a graveyard and did photos
there’s a lot of good graveyards to do photos in and around Carson City ghost
town there’s a lot of ghost towns around Carson City too
anyways we’re gonna talk about you we’re gonna talk about your show but we’re
gonna talk about this movie Hands of a Stranger have you seen it I did watch it
he watched it I did not so he’s gonna be the expert on this film not me as usual
but we’re gonna watch that film and we’re gonna come back and talk about
Jimmy Jones so you guys stay with us you stay with us you know I’m stuck here
I’ve got a mic tied to me you were wonderful little sister
approves congratulations I wasn’t sure during that last encore 15
years of work practice and hope came into complete focus and with the
tonight’s the beginning there’s nothing can’t be done now well I wouldn’t
exactly call you an amateur during these last six years but any minute now the
thundering herd is coming through that door to lift you on their shoulders I
still have to get some details straight with you about the New York concert in
recordings before I make that 12:30 plane just a few minutes George to let
my ego feed off the crowd Dean I want you to go ahead at the party with the
others I’ll join you as soon as George and I are through hmm okay piano lucky
me I’m jealous of you both you know I want to be so much to this magnificent
man wouldn’t that be a little like playing the same composition over and
over beautiful perhaps but not miss you’re not only brilliant you’re obscene
I’ll forgive you only if you promise to keep me very close to you all of this
exciting that I want you to go ahead to the party with Dean and the others
George and I have business first oh you’re hard to love sometimes deena I know all of this makes you very
happy mentor when did your life begin when do i trade in my brother and his
piano on babies and things something like that when he doesn’t need me
anymore I guess I think it’s time he’s old enough successful enough he
certainly always seems to have plenty of women around it implying a scandalous
relationship between me and my brother well George
you see those soft gray gloves he always wears before and after he plays remember
the time you kidded him about them said they were a great publicity gimmick and
you wished you’d thought of them first I think that’s the only time I ever saw
him angry at you he needs those gloves they protect his hands from the cold and
he helped keep his fingers completely flexible when he plays it may be
psychological but it’s a part of his greatness with music everything’s a part
of it you’re his gray gloves of the business
world and you’re his great loves against loneliness for the time being a great
many women love the dramatic concept of Vernon Paris at a Saturday night concert
and the parties that go after it’s amazing how few of them are willing to
wait and fight through the hours of practice and insecurities that make each
Saturday night possible you know I don’t think he’s not dedicated oh but he is
you should know he’s the most selfish man in the world when it comes to his
concept of the creation of beauty He pours everything into it it’s the source
of his greatness and of his loneliness hey you’re the guy in the billboard
aren’t you what was that the poster outside the theater you’re the guy with
the piano that’s right Who am I kidding really yeah and
practices all the time you’d really like to meet you I’ll bring over on next time
I’m here I’ll have some passes point you’re okay mr. Ferris maybe sometime
you could even hear him play maybe how old is he ten don’t think he’s a sissy
he’s a best shortstop on the school team I play the piano and I don’t think I’m a
sissy you know what I mean yes I know ten-year-old boys just don’t usually and
something his mother always wanted she died four years ago and I found this teacher would come give
lessons at night it’s a good time for it to night
that’s when you can start thinking about a lot of things we have a lot of things this channel now
the practicing make it easier even the bad notes music and people go together
like kids and dogs let me show you teaching the creation of beauty
something you can never lose once achieved it’s with you all your life
I think he knows that already I only hope it makes my mantra something more
than his old lab he’s got the fight to you tell her most people waste time with
meaningless fights only real enemies the world has it the enemies of beauty
that’s the only thing you’ll ever have to fight I never thought about it like
that yeah hey I want you to see a picture of my kid got it right here Look out Experience your favorite horror,
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Adopt. welcome back to Creature Features we are
watching Hands of a Stranger with Jimmy Jones famous like podcast radio guy
well not podcast just radio well it’s sort of like pod they call everything
on the radio a podcast now it’s silly it is because it’s actually FM radio it’s
not um a podcast because the podcast is pre-recorded it’s live radio as you
found out this film this film so a taxicab accident and he gets his hands
mangled I wonder what’s gonna happen next well he should have wore a seatbelt
for starters instead of leering luring leering over the guy in the front seat
but other than that it was 1962 that’s true they didn’t have seatbelt laws back
then either it was silly you know we would just fly around in the car it was
actually rather fun as a child this guy flew out to so alright well we’re
gonna see some more the film in a minute but first let’s talk about Jimmy and your
show so how did you start this Pop Culture Kaboom I started kind of on a
whim a whim a whim I just I used to do another radio show which I used to talk
with you on right and at that point it got canceled because of the way I’d
structured the show one of the co-hosts left and I didn’t have a replacement so
the other co-host said well why don’t we start doing our own thing and just focus
on the entertainment aspect of pop culture okay so I came up with the name
and asked him if you wanted to do it and he said no I’m busy so I ended up
just so you’re a soloflyer pretty much makes things less complicated kind of I had to still get a
producer to get it on radio though so and that’s where Bill Mott whom you met
came into play so what is it that you cover what type of things I cover the
seven pillars of pop culture entertainment which is games television
comic books cons and events television movies and toys and collectibles but no
like jazz music you don’t cover jazz no I do cover some bands if they are
theatrical and nature like Kiss or Demon Boy out of New York or Genius of
Nefarious who was a big fan of actually Creature Features a fan of our Creature
Features or of another Creature Features of this
Creature Features oh really and he’s from New York no he’s actually
was from Sacramento oh yeah no Bob Wilkins was quite famous in
Sacramento he he did like a show up there first when he came down here and
did one I think he he went back a did one back in Sacramento again right Tom he did two in Sacramento so who knows which one he saw but well that’s absolutely wonderful stuff
we’re gonna get some more details on that but I think first we should get
back to Hands of a Stranger right I mean something’s gonna happen to his hands
right I think they already did he was in the hospital right all right we’re gonna
see stay with us back to Hands of a Stranger I don’t see any other way
get him ready what are you going to do you’re not supposed to be in here
regulations be damp what you’re gonna do all right mr. Brittain you have a right
to know I’m going to amputate what’s left of his hands you’re mad
this man is Brennan Parrish you can’t cut off his hands he no longer has
anything left that resembles hands you’re wrong you’ve got to be wrong I
was at the accident I saw them they were caught bleeding bent yes but my god they
were still hams you’re overlooking a basic fact his gloves were cut torn
blood-stained but still with the semblance of shape that’s what you see
gloves you know to do this to a man like that
it’ll be better just to drive your scalpel through his heart super for you
the same result for him without his hands Brennan Paris will be dead
tell me doctor what a jury I shall be if suddenly you were to find yourself
without either one of these yes now let’s pretend they are your hands what
would you do guess there’s only one possibility
the odds against successor almost total almost as opposed to something that’s
already definite I wonder if we’re thinking the same
thing couldn’t be anything else under the circumstances good you got to get
passion first there’s no time perhaps it was lucky for all of us that
you were just behind him in the crash and then you try something radical I
don’t know if you’re gonna like it it doesn’t matter as long as you save
his hands nothing else eh but he’ll have hands mechanical hands are of no use to
this man don’t you understand that perfect I said hands some years ago
people would have called you crazy if you told them that you could take part
of one human eye and place it in another yet today a corneal transplant is a
standard operation gives a renewed sight yes I know but hands are different a
different part of the same human body surgical scientists in every country all
over the world are dedicated to the future truth that human life one day
might be extended indefinitely by the replacement of defective or worn-out
parts right now such a principle is the only
one that will save the musical comfortable thing muscles nerves how do
you know I’ve already told you we don’t how do we go ahead or not no I want you
here now I’m asking you to stick your neck out Kevin I pulled you in on a lot
of operations made you watch and study deliberately made you accept a crash
program of training because you have the mind and heart of a great surgeon I want
you to be ready sooner you’ll have even more time to save lives and make others
better I’m grateful Gil don’t be great for me
good pay closer attention tonight than ever you have five years on both Russ
and me your lifetime this type of an impossible in surgery may become a
reality later you’ll be making the contributions
stand opposite me at the table go I don’t think you’re asking me to stick
my neck out no I think you fully expect us to work keep them as close to the
surface as possible I want maximum response to the muscles
and nerves and now what my god what right have they got to
do anything like that Dina you’ve got to understand Dan you’re trying to make me
believe a nightmare I can only tell you that surgically
everything went as planned surgically everything with Dina Paris
dr. Harding I’m sorry we have to meet under these circumstances I’m sorry we
have to I know how you must feel about his loss you pretend to understand what
a pair of hands means to a man like my brother I think a surgeon is aware of
the importance of the human hand in all its aspects I’ve transplanted other
hands yes done in order to save his talent not destroyed what I cut from the
ends of his arms no longer resembled hands miss Paris what we did in that
operating room just now could end all our careers if you want vengeance you
can have it very easily because we didn’t get your approval but if you
choose that vengeance you may set off a chain of emotional reaction in your
brother that will guarantee failure guarantee that he’ll never have hands
you cannot turn my brother into some kind of a freak two-headed dog just for
the sake of science there’s something you have to see you can’t do that I
don’t think she’ll understand any other way please I saw them before the operation the genius that flow through these hands
is no more but his basic genius remains the great deal of luck will have made it
possible for him to continue you must have faith is it faith doctor or just
ego as far as your particular talent is concerned tonight four people did
everything in their power to help your brother
I appreciate your feeling of personal tragedy but I think you’ve wallowed
ended long enough at my expense listen doctor I realize you’ve been through a
great deal tonight but I don’t think you I do think from now on the only thing
that’s important is the absolute cooperation of everyone involved in this
man’s life cooperation that’ll create the proper recovery state of mind for it
your attitude is very cold one doctor maybe we ought to wait no George man
who’s taken such sudden control of Berlin’s life I want to know what he
expects to do you answer that no I can’t there’s no
precedent for what we’ve done no published catalogue of spare parts to
choose from at the local Deep Freeze and you know nothing about the other man at
all coincidence placed him on that table two
hours before your brother’s accident he had powerful hands that’s all we have to
know that’s all if you’re concerned with the possibility that he might have been
some kind of madman let me assure you that psychotic tendencies don’t transfer
themselves mystically is the physical extremities after death you know that no
no I don’t I don’t even know about mother Goose or the wheat people in the
clan you’re right yes I was cracking under it
a personal loss for us the terrible responsibility for you we will be back
in the morning the man has been fingerprinted a complete check of Iran I
assure you when can we see him not for a week he’s under heavy sedation and
additional radiation treatments it’s a critical period for his body’s
acceptance of the hands don’t we even see him trust me
if you can and when you do see him it’s vital that he believe he’s only had
simple emergency surgery I’ve got to have at least six weeks before the final
bandages come off how long until we really know it won’t be long before his
body gives us the answer what we do as far as his mind is concerned well
you’ll need all of us for that You sure you don’t want some?It’s chamomile. Listen, you are
extremely terrifying. Just the scariest, undead,
subhuman thing on TV and I
really mean that. But, I am worried that you couldgive my kids nightmares if they
see you so I’m gonna have to block you. So
that’s it. Oh, and tell the
zombies they’re blocked too she’s picking up my habits welcome back
to the show Jimmy had to step away for a moment to maybe use the loo no I think
he had to get his hair fixed he’s got he’s got a new style of hairstyle that
requires lots of maintenance like me anyways let’s do letters right right
right right let’s do them give me one one thank you sir how are you sir I’m quite
well thank you well how about Tangella spinner
twirling all right dear Creature Features this is from CJ in Arizona CJ
right it would appear CJ alright dear Creature Features I love you guys but
you must work on your movie selections well especially tonight’s film a it’s
Hands of a Stranger it’s kind of a weird one there is a difference between a
movie that is so bad that it’s good and a movie that is so bad that it’s indeed
bad unfortunately you seem to excel in the latter
ps Tangella rocks CJ well thanks for writing CJ we’ve got some
good ones coming up we’ve got what do we got I don’t know we’ve got good ones
coming up we’re working on he’s he’s made a pledge to bring new better films I made a pledge well I made a pledge that you make a pledge I see it’s it’s pledge night here
at Creature Features all right this one came in the mail from Gary Hanna in San
Leandro California that’s close to San Jose right yes oh this is tiny font Gary in San
Leandro you have to write with the typewriter bigger than you do all right
I’m gonna try this though Gary Hanna says first I love the show been a fan
ever since Bob Wilkins I’d like you all and how the show flows in Tangella is my
favorite because she is mysterious and coy and she keeps a Vincent and
Livingston in line actually Livingston keeps her in line but we’ll
go for this the reason for my letters to say today I once you get a CF t-shirt CF what in god’s name Creature Features oh a Creature Features t-shirt and all the
ones offered are slim fit not all creatures are slim or fit otherwise
there wouldn’t be creatures so I would suggest to get normal fit t-shirts and I
will buy one for sure I have sent three mails on the subject
and no response so hoping this will get noticed keep up the great work and you
have a fan for life one time though I would like to see Tangella speak or at
least make a sound make a sound that’s normally what she does when she’s
watching a bad movie likes tonight alright so on the t-shirt thing we will work on
that is it really true we’ve only got slim fit I’ll look into it cuz I can’t
even wear them if they are slim fit true we need like oval fit
I should wear a creature feature t-shirt sometime you know I just wear plain
black t-shirts underneath and I should be like reppin the brand right indeed
alright what else you got for me Mr. Livingston last letter last letter the
last letter of the evening he always saves the best for last doesn’t he
all right this one is from Dr. Jane Martino in Des Moines Iowa and she goes
dear Mr. Van Dahl no pomegranates none no no no no no pomegranates none I don’t
want them anywhere near here am I clear yours truly Dr. Jane oh if you say so what is this all about I haven’t the vaguest idea alright no pomegranates alright that’s it for mail if you’d like
to send us a letter by email you’d use the address you see appearing here or if
you’d like to send us one the regular way in the post then send it to this
address right here we’ll be right back with Jimmy but first let’s get back to
Hands of a Stranger this India’s first moment of true
consciousness please let me handle explanations guide your reactions
against any indication of seriousness mr. Paris you have visitors mr. Paris my hands you’re gonna be perfectly all
right what’s happened to my hands there was a traffic accident some of your
fingers were broken you know to be all right we care
a full driver for my hands like this we knew who you were what your hands meant
to you we’ve immobilized them so the fingers of men perfectly ask to be in
New York concert recordings I’ve postponed them until you’re well again
you will play again Vernon you will Deena don’t lie to me I’m not lying
darling dr. hardy did a beautiful job your hands will be perfect hiding perfect dr. Harding in your terms of in
mind in yours in just a few weeks you’ll have full flexibility again full timing
why did it have to happen to my hands like it was only this glass was
shattered from every window of the cab you can see to play and you will
is that belief and some patience not very aesthetic is it George might
make an unusual shot for my next poster you’re going to be alright Myrna does
Aileen know about this I don’t know thank you but she was that the party
isn’t that where they notified you yes well it’s all right my little dramatic
butterfly wouldn’t like it here very much little bright lights mink stoles
you don’t serve martinis are you doctor not for the time being well I guess
she’ll be around again and things as a stark and sterile did a blue month
before we can remove the bandages you can go home in the week I think you’ll
be more comfortable there home or I can stare at the piano I wonder how long it’s going to be and
how good it’ll ever be again so you can stare at it remind yourself to be
patient to fight for something that’s important and beautiful perfect fusion on both you’re gonna kill
not yet all we know is that his body’s accepted the hands we don’t know how
they’re going to function him but nobody’s even gotten this far before
he realized what that means it only means we’ve taken a step can that’s not
enough not enough Gil even if the rest fails if the nerve and muscle
connections don’t work it must work but you can’t hope for too much why not
it’s the only way we have the courage to take the next step
that’s the next well when will we know that’s what I’ve called you in here
I’ve waited longer than I planned to be sure now I’m going over to remove the
bandages and make the first reflex test I want you all there because you helped
make it possible also I think you’ll need all the moral support we can give
him this may not be pleasant so if any of
you don’t want to come say so Russ Kenny golly did I ever tell you I couldn’t
stand the sight of blood let’s see if our dream is a realistic
one if it’s possible to recreate beauty out of chaos you know push the lamp back a little we
don’t eat that much I hope you don’t mind an audience Rusk
and and Holly all help tonight at the accident I’m used to audiences glad to
have one again after so long these weeks of waiting haven’t been easy but if it
ends well I’ll be grateful to all of you be ready after seven weeks yes I’m ready
miss do one thing for me I asked you not to question it I want you to close your
eyes and keep them closed lieutenant and shouldn’t be so hard a few more
minutes after seven weeks apparently dramatics are at limited to
the stage and flat on the table now
I’m gonna touch the fingers of your hand each time when you feel the touch I want
you to move that finger look mother no hands
apparently they could do operations for that now he’s got him now yeah he’s got
hands now in the the the source of these hands are a bit questionable welcome
back to the show we are watching Hands of a Stranger with the infamous Jimmy
Jones I what should I call you like a a maven of media made in the media maven oh maven sure or pop culture media anyway he’s working on it so you do this thing Pop Culture Kaboom but you also do like interviews with people I do you interviewed us yes however you’ve done
some famous people I have well famous to me anyway so like you can who well like Vincent Van Dahl no more actual famous people actual famous people Mark Fergus who is a Mark Fergus and his
partner Hawk Ostby who are the writers for the Expanse television show I’m sure
they’ve done some note worthy things but I’ve never heard of them who else Dee
Wallace who was in the Howling yeah she was the mother in ET and Cujo to and in Cujo I don’t remember her in Cujo she was the mom oh did she die no she didn’t die all right that’s good so you
interviewed her how did that go that was very interesting because it was
actually a live interview at the Arenal Comic-Con right at the Sands Hotel so or
Sands Hotel Casino it went very well she was very impressed cuz she also does
radio right apparently she has her own radio show and she was impressed because
I did the interview with no notes oh I just gonna retained information from
when I’ve actually seen her movies right no I imagine she’s quite pleasant she
was she was very pleasant very a very shall we say down-to-earth person
down-to-earth you know when I met her she was a hoot she was like she’s just
like full of laughter and mirth and merriment so what kind of information
did you glean from her about ET well she wasn’t too happy about certain aspects
of the movie but you know keep it positive I loved ET it took me eight times to watch that movie before I saw the whole thing it
was so boring to me really because I’m just not into boring space alien movies
I’d rather watch some like Star Blast or something like that it’s a Spielberg film right yeah
they’re always done the same way it’s like children on bicycles going through
the suburbs or through the sky to the sky right that was I think the first
time he did that but like Poltergeist he did Poltergeist as well right Steven
Spielberg I think so no Toby Cooper maybe maybe he was involved there was some involvement with Spielberg in that film so I don’t know anyways so this movie is it gonna
get better I certainly hope so it’s not doing
very well right now how does it end well probably he gets strangled himself with
his own hands but I don’t know I’m kind of curious is what those three guys in
the beginning of the movie were about because you got two guys sitting in a
car gunning one guy down and that’s where the hands came from but they don’t
explain any of it I mean they kick him when he is dead on the curb but they
didn’t take his briefcase or whatever happened to his briefcase you know this
is a mystery that might be solved soon should we get back to it yes please
alright here we go back to Hands of a Stranger you guys stay with us before you open your eyes I’m going to
tell you one thing I want you to remember it it’s vital that you do are
you trying to ease me into acceptance of a failure doctor what we’ve done for you
surpasses my hopes but the success of every surgery depends on two things
medical skill and acceptance on the part of the patient are these your usual
terms for such a thing as simple as broken fingers I don’t think so keep
your eyes closed the response in your fingers is 80% correct the rest will
return but it’s going to take practice on your part you’re right about one
thing it was more than just broken fingers but the thing that you’ve got to
believe is that we’ve been successful because we have during these weeks of
waiting you told me about your absolute belief in music beauty you open your
eyes you’re going to see something that will demand a great deal of the
sensitivity courage and creative thinking you have as an artist now open
your eyes eat under my hand they were terribly
mangled in the accident we’ve made it possible have you done we’ve made it
possible for you to have perfectly good hands these are my hands what are you
doing we’ve given you hands are you had none
we arrived at the hospital we were faced with the tragedy we didn’t accept that
we fought to restore the beauty that was so important to you and we did there is
strong normal hands and your body’s accepted now you must accept them and
fight well why because it is what have you done
with my hands what you brought to the hospital were no longer hands did call to my on take all to my on both
hands as hard as it can like that you can even do that proves
the muscles work and you feel my arm that proves the
nerves are functioning muscles and nerves that’s all you need
these hands are new but your talent isn’t what happened to you seven weeks
ago was cruel but I’m doing to you now is cruel but what we did in that
operating room wasn’t now you can accept or you can quit it’s up to you get out burn it with all of you patience exercise belief there’s every
chance in the world every chance
and beauty can once more be created by your surgical freak
can you write doctor you were cruel just now but your blood miss has restored
reality for me I’m just not sure how long it can remain
I suggest you leave now tomorrow we’ll talk about that reality I’ll be back I know George thank you I’ll call let him have his anger in torment for
now I think you’ll be strong enough later to accept the fight his finger
reactions weren’t even right yes they were but wouldn’t you touched I touched
the fingers on each hand in sequence at first then I deliberately changed the
sequence the finger that reacted was the one he thought should react next then I
went back and touched the finger and it moved it’s simply a matter of mental
coordination on his part seemed so much to expect Dina what we’ve done has never
been done before it’s a triumph for us but it’s got to be one for him too I
think I’d better move in here for a while you need you I wonder if they’ll
ever be a day when he doesn’t please leave me alone I know how hard it
is for you to accept but do you realize what the girl has done for you yes he
made them come true most dreams I’ve had through the years about something
happening to my hands Gil’s genius has made it possible for your talent to
continue his genius with a knife and the human body has put on my arms the hands
of some men I don’t even know it’s that important if you can play again
important it’s important my sanity could even accept that these are mine this
genius has given me hands to feel wet but can he guarantee these don’t choke
the pleasures ball of it these are your hands now it’s up to you to make them
sing in the future as they did in the past it’s you who control your hands
don’t you understand I was my hands they were my life now I’m carrying the life
of someone I know nothing about then you must learn again or you will
have no life why me I couldn’t miss have happen to that cab driver who doesn’t
need his hand so much I only know from Gil that the man suffered too
his wife may not be as delicate as complex as yours
I’m sure he’ll fight to maintain leave me alone I’m going to stay here
for a while I’ll be back as soon as I get some things from my apartment please be patient shopping at disguise the limit is a party and we’re inviting you to join the fun heading to a festival or planning an event we are here to help you can even rent out the shop for parties or a private photoshoot with our fashion experts and here’s something to celebrate disguise the limit is now offering a membership package with special perks like access to private events and great deals on rentals call us for more information disguise the limit it’s more than a store it’s an experience Jimmy Jones this film I’m having some
deja vu with it well I believe this is a remake of the 1935 Peter Laurel Mad Love
so Mad Love I’ve seen that film that’s what 1935
I haven’t boy I don’t remember this this whole thing with a cutting of the hands
though well I the medical procedure that’s why you know with a remake they
always change something to make it more modernize they’ve done a lot of remakes
recently a horror movies that have been rather disappointing like this film why
do they do that lack of ideas I have no idea they think
they can build a better mousetrap I guess I don’t know well you know we
recently showed House on Haunted Hill and they made a remake of that one yeah
that’s not I like the original I did not like the remake it was different House on Haunted Hill that was a 13 Ghosts that had a Shaggy from the Scooby-Doo remake oh I
like him so as Scooby-Doo Shaggy not as the face kill the ghost face killer
right all right so Carson City that’s that’s your new stomping ground yes
you’re from originally here originally originally I’m from Millington Tennessee
but my dad was in a navy so we’ve been coast to coast five times and I ended up
settling in Mountain View California mountain view that’s close to San Jose
very close we have lots of friends in San Jose so do I and I imagine Mountain
View as well Mountain View Santa Clara Sunnyvale
Great America is Morgan Hill yeah I’m yeah and a 49ers training camp well I
wouldn’t know about that but Great America it’s an amusement park it’s quite
nice a lot of concerts there too so Carson City what do you do there for
fun for fun usually I work on music quite honestly but I really enjoyed I
went on on a radio promotional tour for my last album through the deep south and
along the way I stopped at a lot of graveyards because I to have an
affiliation or an affinity of in deaths the word I was looking for for
graveyards and cemeteries and so you you go there and what do you do I look at
the tombstones there’s a lot of actually in Virginia City which is
really wierd a lot of people died on October 31st in like 1863 or something like
that it’s really bizarre no idea really I don’t know if there is like a fire or
an epidemic or or a serial killer well no no the Big Valley is like based
loosely on Virginia City right no Bonanza Bonanza yeah because Bonanza was
actually up in Tahoe right and so they filmed up there and so they
they would go to Virginia City to gamble yeah so maybe there was like a
shootout with a I don’t know but I know that Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures
or one of those programs were up in Virginia City which is only 30 minutes
away from Carson City and they certified one of the hotels as being haunted they
certified it they certified it as haunted is this like a legal document I guess yeah
the hotel uses or is it they have a big old sign certified as haunted by ghost
adventures or one of those no I think that’s a marketing thing I could very
well be probably paid for the sign mm-hmm no well they did when they had it
made but I don’t think they like had to buy it from the people all right well
you say we get back to this film let’s get it over with
yes let’s get it over with all right back to Hands of a Stranger you guys
stay with us while you’re a half-hour why Vernon what
a pleasant surprise I want to talk to you I can’t right now
it’s important all right but I only have a few minutes you always did have a talent for
creating the proper visual mode this is no concern of yours
obviously since our relationship is primarily a social one what does that
mean it must be if you haven’t been interested enough to see me during these
past weeks I called the hospital the following day left my sympathies very
generous of you Vernon I’m very sorry about your accident but pain isn’t a
desirable substitute for laughter and excitement is it Vernon I’ve had a great
many things to do I’m also expecting a guest within a half yes you don’t own me
Vernon I know but now I need you how interesting well
there were times when I needed you remember your favorite line that would
be too much like playing a great composition over and over you had to
play many in order to live and grow as an artist there’s a difference now I
can’t explain everything right away but my life has changed you’ve got to
understand Vernon if one of your other women is put
you in your place I don’t see any reason to come crying to me that’s not it
yes there were others there were others for you too I don’t think either of us
had any illusions about that but for me you weren’t always the most important
the loveliest in the back of my mind maybe I always thought someday
Vernon neither of us ever thought that someday you were always a very exciting
very desirable man but this attitude knew now this heaviness I don’t like it
at all I’ll be very happy to see you on the old
basis but right now I wish you’d go what if the old basis has been changed by
something I can do nothing about I don’t like you two Swain I don’t like riddles
what if they won’t be any concerts at parties what if they’ll only be me stop
it Vernon I’ve never seen you this way and I don’t want you this way but
they’ll only be me let me go your hands are binding my arms your hands yes my
hands the hands are watching concerts parties glamour excitement that’s what
happened when you called to lead your sympathies my hands are too new so well it’ll look like my hands do they they’re
not my hands were destroyed the night of my greatest concert but medical science
gave me a new pair of hands hands from another body so that I can play again
yes Eileen I may play again but I may not I have to only be me what will you
do if I need your help now more than I need your beauty should take off you to Holly
Kenny can handle emergency tonight oh sure and when do I get a chance to get
married have a girl is pretty fed up already
who ever heard of young doctors getting married have to be middle-aged before
you can afford to be married yeah I see what you mean come on junior I have a
new trick I want to show you with a scalpel you know I’ve got a boyfriend who’s the
greatest guy in the world Holly never get interested in the
dedicated man may look good on the surface but you can always end up second
no matter how much he feels for you thanks girl putting it the nice way
she’s a lucky girl I know this must make me look pretty
much like a snoop but I’m sure you understand it’s part of my job I also
understand we made a bargain with a time factor that was up a week ago you see
I’m not without patience the main point was I give you the complete story as
soon as it was possible you implied you trust my judgment yes I remember but
there’s a problem I have somewhat of a neurotic respect for perfection in my
work I don’t like to see assignments go unsolved although I recognize there’s no
set schedule for the solution specifically any finger prints you gave
me have been thoroughly checked and they gave me nothing do you think I gave you
a false set you’re not that kind of a man we’re in the process of checking
them through foreign bureaus but while we’re waiting I thought there might be
something new you could offer to keep my mind at peace
there’s nothing I can tell you yet there’s a human factor that’s involved
it’s critical trust me a while longer very well thanks meantime please
remember my wife and children when I got back last night he was
sitting at the piano dazed he doesn’t say a word all night I don’t think you
went to sleep either and then in the morning came the tragic news of the
death of a woman who was very important to him he was more depressed when did he
leave late this morning he said he wanted to be alone I I wanted to go with
him but he was cruel in the way he rejected him I’m frightened don’t be
frightened it’s natural in the beginning he’s got
to feel sorry for himself hate everyone and everything that caused this he’ll be
back I hope you’re right in the meantime I
think the separation is good for us let’s have dinner you’ve never done that
I knew it in place what violence not far from here we’ll be back early it’s Tony wild enough you know sure but
he’ll be back in a little while want to get some jog in it great I’m no
friend of his used to riding a scab all the time I want to talk to him I really
shouldn’t watch Sheehan but I guess you look okay you like dogs
okay come on in you ever had a dog hey mister you ever
had a dog yes a long time ago you’re a kid like me you had a piano monster we weren’t good I’m good – want me to play for you
I’m not bad honest I like to play dad never asked to make me you know a lot about the piano I’ll play a real great tune I just
learned it makes you look so hot no not right now
come on I like to play for people I’ll make it you you don’t like it I’ll quit
okay This is your Mac. It’s a good
Mac. It does those things you
like, the music that you love and most importantly, the
work that you do. Sadly though,
sometimes it does this. Or this. Or this. But before you do this, try Techtool Pro your one-stop fix-it tool to locate the source
of this, so that this still
remains your things that you love, music that you enjoy and important work that
you do machine. TechTool Pro the most advanced Macintosh repair utility ever Oh look! A redhead!
Staring contest! You still got it.
I know! Come alive with the forest.
The dad was cute. They were looking right at us! Visit to
find a forest near you. they were both killed when we were very
small we ended up with relatives who resented the obligation more or less we
banded together emotional survived I’ve had a great desire for life that’s
important enough well I think we became too close as a result to dependent I had
to but his was greater I use my talent to help him the whole thing was a
calculated plan to bring us independence and freedom and now just when we were
both reaching a point when we could be truly free do you know nothing’s going
to be wasted don’t you see by going through this he
can become part of the new and even greater kind of beauty maybe that’s a
lot to imagine right now but eventually there can be no such thing as a
permanently defective heart a permanent cripple a permanent birth malformation
blindness oh they’ll always be accidental deaths but from these
tragedies science will be able to sustain and recreate joy of the living
and when people know that a worn out or defective part of their body can be
replaced they’ll approach life itself of a great deal less fear 3000 years of
research are just beginning this is the next major step and he’s the
key part of it if it had to happen I thank God we found you Gill whose hands are we don’t know yet
but they’re strong normal heads they might be hands from someone even more
talented than Bernie but they could be from someone don’t let fear Drive you
into a pit of superstition but are we sure the soul really controls the
outside it’s what we call a soul really shaped by our own pleasures or hatreds
with the outside and how they’re accepted by the world you love beauty
you conquer handicaps so beauty today and if you don’t you played very well you mean it you
could be good very good if you practice and you practice a lot but you’re a kid
yes I practiced a lot when I was like you I can’t remember many things about
being 10 years old yes yes I can
are you still any good I don’t know come on and try I want to hear you play
now first you gotta take your gloves off I can’t take them off sure you can’t you
put them on didn’t you strong hands maybe someday I’ll have you
so I can play a lot easier come on sure can’t play now
how can you play the piano to tell you that the courts say that music is my
life I’ve never known anything else that’s
why we’ll play again I must play again you see that don’t you I know it’s strange you’ll get used to
it this time I don’t think we’ll have to be
as critical you can open it’s working for me it’s
all working should I say congratulations again doctor to yourself for your
patience every finger response was correct
timing was a little slow but with this much progress there’s soon there’s no
reason why full dexterity can’t return all you need now is a strong incentive
but that’s something you’ve had for a long time yes doctor
I think I’ll enlarge on your exercises to include the piano congratulations congratulations it’s wonderful mr. Paris ouch I want you and Delia to have dinner with
me tonight go someplace where we can laugh for a change how about it’s time
to see again with the outside world and smiling faces look like Experience your favorite horror,
comedy and science fiction films
of the 70s, 80s and 90s on the big screen with
the Cult Film Series at Roxy 14
double-features Thursdays at 7 p.m. Visit us on
Facebook for more information. There’s a shelter pet who wants to meet you. Meet one today. Visit the
Adopt. you know Jimmy Pop Culture Kaboom aficionado you know I had a piano teacher like this he used to like grab
my hands and slam them against the piano until I died until you died well until I
almost died okay no I did not die obviously but you know
this is like an effective method I’m quite a good pianist now well better
than that kid was I guess talk about you and horror films what what’s like some of
your favorite past horror films so my favorites I’m not too big on the
supernatural but I love a really good werewolf movie werewolf films so what
werewolf The Howling I think was probably one of the best ones because it focused
more on a clan of werewolves then a singular werewolf like this is Lon Chaney’s this is the one from the 70’s yes with Dee Wallace Dee Wallace was in that film as well The howling mmm
I think he only liked that film because Dee Wallace was in it and you know it was
a good movie right so that a decent vampire movie not like the Twilight
movies those were kind of garbage but so what’s a decent vampire film to you a
decent vampire recent one 30 Days a Night was really good vampire haven’t seen
that no one that’s actually based on a comic book form IDW publishing hmm did you
like Bram Stoker’s Dracula the one with Keanu Reeves and uh Winona Ryder right
no not really my little brother did cuz he had the hots for one of the
writers what what about Interview with a Vampire that was okay I never
read the Anne Rice books but it was it was okay except for references to Brad
Pitt after it came out because I had a long hair at the time oh and so people
would mistake you for Brad Pitt what was his name on the show Louie Louies I think
Louies was french you know people say Tangella looks like the girl really yeah but I’d
have to get a look at her I didn’t really get a look at her no she
tends to scatter about scamper so what about like the original Night of the
Living Dead the original on one Georgia A Romero from 1969 I believe he’s dead yeah he is but he released a whole series actually out of that whole Dawn
of the Dead series I think the best one was a Day of the Dead Day of the Dead
that’s not Dawn of the Dead no it was after Dawn of the Dead number three Night of the Living Dead
part three that’s what they should have called it would have been less confusing
it would have well I suppose dawn comes with day
but that would mean night should be like the third film so Night of the Living Dead Dawn of
the Dead and then well goes from night dawn to day right but it should go from
dawn day to night you’d think but that would make sense
though this way and what was that other one day a virus one zombie one that had
one guy with the really really blue eyes 28 Days Later 28 Days Later they were
running in that film yes that was the first real zombie running movie I don’t
mix it makes more of a challenge to try and get away from if they’re running at
you they’re just kind of lumbering at you
and you know you can just briskly walk you stand a chance
yeah all right I don’t like running standing a chance I think we should get
back to Hands of a Stranger right this movie ends well right better just end
it’s pretty bad the lady spontaneously combust like that I mean come on all
right all right off we go Hands of a Stranger we’ll see you soon yes sir a beautiful color beautiful
thought here’s a smiley little doll to take home with you to remind you this
shining hour you take that thing home and you’re gonna be the one that has to
dust it test this game the skill win yourself a beautiful prize of a tryout
where the LA dodgers warm-up pitch only a warm-up pitch even
the greatest need that try again Hey what are you some kind of a nut
Megan that’ll be 20 bucks buddy I’m sorry
forget the sorry it said 20 bucks buddy and if you don’t have to use your hands
stay away from ya I’m gonna call it cop okay wait him he
was more than nothing take care the damage all right I’m still
gonna call a cop that guy is some kind of a nut oh here’s
more please forget it he’s a patient of mine it’s been through quite enough as
it is gimme a break
okay but if you can’t handle them buddy we got a place right down the street
that it specializes in freaks Vernon
you know how proud I am of you the new attitude you’ve had since Gil return are
you very remember the night the three of us went
out together I remember it started and didn’t it I think it started a long time
before that Gills proud of you too I told him you’ve been practicing every
day since then you don’t know how important it is to him that he used his
skill to bring you a new life yes they all brought me a new life and
for me I I think you know how I’ve come to feel about Gil I want you to be happy
for that too I’m very glad that you’ve come to mean so much to each other why
won’t you let me stay on nights that you practice you know me at my best I want
you to hear me that way the next time besides you haven’t regretted all the
time you’ve been able to spend with him have you all right I’ll wait what time
you’ll be back tonight 11 of 12 just dinner in a conversation have a good
time Hey don’t you wanna marry me yeah yeah when
year or so maybe I can’t ask you to live in what I’m making now I can’t even put
on I wouldn’t mind working I’ve done it before you might have to if we get
married in a year or so then why not now just to rough you’re too intent on your
work I admit it it’s the future Sue and I’ve got a
chance to be a part of something wonderful
I guess I’m selfish because I want to be the right kind of future my work and for us don’t
you understand you know I do it’s just that I wish there could be more time for
us I’m not gonna stop loving you Ken it it’s just that the night’s get lonely
out Hey, it”s Spooky Boo. Trouble
sleeping at night? Need a little help? Relax and listen to some spooky,
scary stories. I have ghosts and goblins.
Witches and demons. Crazies and clowns. Check out Spooky Boo”s Scary
Story Time. at A single ember from a wildfire can travel over a mile. You
can’t control where it will land, only what
happens before it does. Visit to learn how to protect your community
from wildfires. no I’m sorry I know he was a close
associate of yours did you know the girl two tragedies of this kind are always
senseless but I’m afraid I have to press you about the significance behind it how
can there be any significance to waste some time ago I read a routine report
about a death that occurred in the suburbs the man came home and found his
son dead apparently as the result of a burglar who was discovered and panicked
the unusual thing was that most of the boys fingers were broken possibly was
the result of a fight except that the fingers were all squeezed together as if
they’d been crushed the man was the next cab driver named Wilder he raised the
sheep farther this time and look at your friends hands we’ve done to the book end if you’re
thinking it might have been a burglar forget it it was calculated the book end
was placed in the girl’s hand to make it look as if she defended herself against
a sex attack and you have your answer that’s rather difficult to believe since
the girl was choked to death a series of tragedies with one thing in common a
human hand the same thing that brought us together doctor it’s ridiculous
to assume there is it perhaps if anybody else but your friend have been involved
this is the kind of coincidence that forces me to become less patient I think
I know now what’s happened if I’m correct it’s an amazing piece of surgery
doctor under the circumstances I must insist you meet in my office within a
half-hour I hope I’m wrong I hope this is pure coincidence otherwise it means
you fail to control an experiment that could have been of great value
regardless both of our objectives are the same I think you know why I wanted you to be
the first let me play Bremen I’ve never been so happy you won’t mind if it’s the
same piece I wouldn’t care if it was the scale of sea in one octive just to play
again even though I can’t play I’m still nervous about about these hands takes
all my concentration would you mind sitting in the other room just this once
I’d listen to you from the other end of the world if it would help make you
great again Dana I want you to remember just one
thing tonight I’ll play my greatest concert I
need you to help make it complete I’ll remember now what do I do destroy the very thing
I created help him any jury will call it insanity with proper treatment he can be
brought back in Ken and I know I was almost as close to Ken as you are but
even his sacrifice can’t stop our work it mustn’t how stupid I was
but he said about incentive oh yes he had won all right vengeance on everyone
he thought destroyed his ability to create music the driver Ken I think we can take care of ourselves
Dina she’s with it you won’t hurt her she’s on his side where the enemies the
maniac is shrewdest he’s become I won’t take that chance
I’m coming to no you’re involved enough go home to your security try to
figure out why it’s so hard to find for men like me and don’t make the same
mistakes are you sure about this it must be you
made a special point about it tonight I’ll play my greatest concert Dina I I
don’t blame you Gill how can you bring anybody for this
I just feel numb for all the loneliness and misery he must be feeling inside thank you for remembering what I said
Dina I was sure I could depend on the audience very important part of the
concert yes I’m going to play for you doctor I’m used to a great deal of
applause after my concerts and what could be more desirable than applause
from the man who made it all possible there were others almost as much a part
of it as you who should be here but I don’t think we find their applause very
enthusiastic now I did manage to convince one of them though we had a long chat on the way down here
turns out he was very partial to music and my future ability the only trouble
was he didn’t mean it So he tried to trick me why Vernon it
was only a matter of time before you would have played again time time to cut
off these hands and give me others and others that those don’t work yes the
doctor has all the time he needs in his laboratory he can do anything except
give me back my life he tried to save that life he failed how do you know yet shall I
show you it’s too soon I said I was going to play for him I am now I want you
beside me Dina because you were always there in the past you can’t go
out there he’s still needs me it’s a trick I might be able to humor it still save him I’ve got to it’s too much of a chance you can’t do it then take a gun and go out
there and shoot him now listen behold the wonders of medical
science in your kind doctor your triumph doctor and now mine let her go go on back we’ll be all right the talented dr. harding still in charge
you’re right about one thing I’m not responsible for the loss of your hands but I am for this like your friend you
imagine yourself a clever psychologist it won’t work doctor you’re interested
in nothing but vengeance beauty’s no longer important to you and the contrary
justice is a form of moral beauty or is that to one scientific I did everything
I could surgically and your body’s accepted it beyond that I know I failed you
your mind couldn’t accept that’s very beautiful
what a shame it’s only meant to throw me off guard what do you want I want you to
take another look at your work just for this moment I want to share this time
with you have you found out whose hands they are
not yet does it make any difference I think you know we’ll have to talk some more then maybe you’ll be able to tell me if
we have the right to push your head so fast even when you believe men like you who aren’t
afraid to grow they’ll always be the right where in god’s name is Tangella Livingston were did Tangella go no I have no idea that girl she’s so much trouble trouble for him
most of the time in any case that ends Hands of a Stranger I was not surprised
at that ending I’m glad it just ended no I mean it’s the the whole piano thing
and strangly and I think hand in hand get it no pun intended hand in hand right
right so what do you got going on next well um I got a big stuff planned for October since I’m she’s behind me isn’t she she is doing weird things you can join us Tangella you don’t have to
like be trouble all the time what do you think of this film she likes the color
films because the blood is the correct color right it is right depends on the age of the film to no it’s always looks grey in these black and white films know and that’s true
alright so what do you got coming next um October I got a lot of stuff planned
because it’s Halloween season every time of the year so it’s my favorite time of
the year and it’s really is it’s like Christmas to her mm-hmm so what do you
got going well I might have if I can swing it
Elvira as one of my guests so far yep it’s incredible how old she is but she
still looks incredible no I went to dinner with her at the
Magic Castle really yes oh she was lovely absolutely lovely of course you
know she’s got red hair I know it’s not black yeah well in real
life it’s red hair well I suppose in real life it’s black sometimes too but
it’s most of the time it’s red okay but she might have hope I can get
her as a guest when sometime in October I gotta wait and see I know she has a
documentary coming out in 2020 in regards to her whole life because she
pretty much created an entire industry out of nothing so I suggest to you that
you tell her that you’ll make it very fast because October is like Halle
Christmas for her yes that’s her Christmas time that’s why she describes
it it’s like I’m Santa at Christmas that’s what she says about October so she’ll be
a wonderful guest though what else doing in shows and well and then in November
is the Arena Pop Culture Con which I we’ll be at and interviewing all kinds
of different people in the pop culture industry in the entertainment industry what kind
of people are gonna be there there’s going to be anime creators there’s going to
be comic-book people some film people the guy who played Bubba Fett in the clone and Bubba Fett Daniels Bubba is that different then Boba Fett depends on where you from like you’re
English so you say it a lot differently than we do I”ve always heard Boba Fett I’m from the south Bubba Fett sounds like he’s from Georgia I’m from the south so alright alright alright it’s a southern northern thing well that sounds
absolutely wonderful and so much fun so we’re gonna check out your show how do
we check it out that’s where the thing to do is to go to this Facebook Facebook what’s the like thing that they put after Facebook Pop Culture Kaboom Pop Culture
Kaboom one word after and of course they could find you on your radio
as well which is what on the dile it is 97 95.1 FM if you’re in Carson City Reno area
range you have a feed though I saw yes actually into your show from the radio
stations Facebook web website and that what’s that website it’s okay
NVC .org and you can listen to your show every Sunday night at 7:00 p.m.
7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time
wonderful well thank you Jimmy you’ve been a wonderful guest and thanks for
sitting through this dud with us and yeah this would be a touch brown on my
radio show oh that’s right you’ve got that rating system yes I do he uses uses
a color coding system to rate movies and brown is not a good color for obvious
reasons all right sir thank you for coming down and we will talk to you
again soon as far as you guys are concerned were so glad you stayed up in
and watch this film with us hopefully next week we’ll have a better movie I’m
not sure if it will have a better guest but we will definitely have a better
movie because I’m not gonna run this one again will we no all right you have a
pleasant night and a wonderful rest of your weekend
so Jimmy Tangella and I are thinking of taking another trip up to Tahoe in the
not-too-distant future I’m wondering perhaps we could sit in on
your shower again after the last ratings no


This is an awesome movie! Michael Caine, some years later, did something similar with The Hand. And….Hands of a Stranger is such a great banner, it sounds like it could be the title of Vince's comeback album. Looking forward, as usual, to Saturday night.

Many thanks to the Addams Family like macabre trio, host Vincent, Mr. (INDEED!) Livingston, and the charming and impish Tangella. Live hosting of Creatures Features every Saturday night is greatly appreciated and fun to watch. Maybe you can bring on guests from the classic sixties The Addams Family TV show like John Astin (Gomez) or LIsa Loring (Wednesday). Sadly the rest of the great cast are no longer with us. Bringing back Kathy Coleman from LOTL as a guest would be great too, and maybe the others in the cast as well. They love their fans and attend conventions a lot.

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