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Jimmy Butler Opens Up About Nearly Quitting Basketball | Take It There S1E1 (Premiere)

Jimmy Butler Opens Up About Nearly Quitting Basketball | Take It There S1E1 (Premiere)

“Jimmy Butler is a bully.” Uh-oh, here we go. You don’t know me. You only know what I allow you to see. But you were quick to try to call me out about it. I’m just, I’m just sayin’. Hey, it’s Taylor Rooks, and this is Take It There. And we are about to take a subway train to Penn Station to get on another train to Philly. So let’s go. We’re gonna stop at downtown Newark, New Jersey. and then we’re gonna go to Philadelphia 30th Street. We are on the train going an hour south to Philadelphia to interview the enigma that is Jimmy Butler. He obviously has been in the news a lot the past couple months. And now he’s playing for the 76ers, and we are going to his home to really get to the core of Jimmy Buckets. Lots of stuff in here, Jimmy. You got a billion things goin’ on. How are you? I’m fantastic, how you doin’? I’m great, I’m great, I’m great. So, um, we’ve completely taken over your home. For sure. We’re all here just to figure out, “Who is Jimmy Butler?” It’s what I tell a lot of people: You don’t know me. You only know what I allow you to see when it comes to what you read in the media. And nobody knows what I really do on a daily basis. I’m sure you’ll find out here pretty soon. To say the least, I am myself. OK, so for every guest, we do a “Take It There” segment. So I’m gonna ask you a series of questions, and you’re gonna take me to that moment or that time. OK? OK. Take me to your potential free-agency
decision this summer. I can’t take you there. When that moment gets here, it’ll be fun, but it’ll be a moment that’s too far away to
worry about right now. Take me to a day in Tomball, Texas. When I was there, it was kinda like, whenever you got bored,
take your ass outside and do something. Country-type stuff. Now, like, we got, like, two
Walmarts, we got a Chick-fil-A. Crazy! I don’t even recognize it. I think I’m in downtown Houston
when I go through Tomball. Take me to your first game of spades. Spades, I’ve, I’ve played for a while.
But memorable game? Whenever I was in college. A lot of cheating
was going on back in the day though. He doesn’t think anyone’s gonna
be my partner in spades. They’re not. And you’re probably trash. Little do they know I’m probably better than
everyone in this house. Like, please. La basura. You know what that means? Yeah, trash. Trash. All right, time for spades. Lemme cut the cards. You have written “The Winners” and “The Suckas.”
We’re the winners, y’all are the suckers? If that’s what you wanna believe. OK. Were you a good kid, Jimmy? That’s not my card. Get off my card, man. Or did you get in trouble? I don’t get in trouble. But did you just not get caught
when you got in trouble? I don’t get in trouble. [Announcer]: Tries to beat him to the spot,
right shoulder in. That’s close, Mike, though, huh? [Announcer]: That is close now.
Players have to be separated. [Rooks]: So we can agree that
you’re confrontational? You’ve described yourself as that. Oh hell yeah. OK. I like it. And you say that you feed off of confrontation.
In what ways has that helped your career? I think it’s gotten me to the point that
I am at in my career. [Announcer]: Up and in, banks it home and a foul!
Tough shot from Jimmy Butler. If I was in the NBA and I played for Philadelphia,
I’d wanna live in the city. But Jimmy living so far out is so
indicative of who Jimmy is. I don’t bother nobody. Yeah. I stay to myself, me and my guys.
Every single day, we do the same stuff. We wake up early; we’ll go train.
We’ll do some Pilates, get my core right. We’ll shoot, crack jokes on each other all day. When I’m in my home, like, I’m carefree.
Like, I don’t worry about nothin’. I don’t worry about what people say or think. I read an article where it said that you— Uh-oh! Uh-oh, here we go. What does that mean? “I read an article.” What article did you read? Where do you think we goin’? That’s what people do. I don’t even know what you’re
finna’ to say, but just think about this: the article that you read? Mhmm. They only let you know what they want you to know. Well, I think that you’re gonna be very surprised
by my answer, but you were quick to try to call me out about it. I’m just, I’m just sayin’. Just throwin’ it out there. I read an article once that
said that you like to journal. Mhmm. Is that true? Is that accurate? It is, that’s very accurate. OK, how often do you journal? I journal a lot. At least once a day. Just because as much is going on in my life at any certain time, I need to write it down
because I may need to vent. I’m human like everybody else. So what are some of the things that you find yourself
journaling about more than others? I mean, obviously basketball cuz
that’s a big part of my life. How am I gonna make sure that everybody
in my group of people, in my crew, can put food on the table
for them and their family? That’s the main thing that’s on my mind because
if, if my guys are OK, I know I’m gonna be OK. If they’re happy, I’m happy. OK, so we know what happiness looks like
for you. What does sadness look like to you? I’m sittin’ in my room. Don’t knock
on my damn door. Don’t talk to me. That’s the gist of it. Yeah. I’m by myself. Tell me the time that sticks out that
you were the most sad. I would probably say when I wanted to quit
basketball forever, at Marquette. And I was like, “Yeah, you know what?
This basketball thing ain’t for me. I wish I would have had a journal then to get it
all out instead of just talking to myself in the dark. I was like, “Man, I don’t know what to
do, who to talk to, who can relate.” Well, talk to me about that moment.
Why did you wanna quit basketball? Why was it not for you? I mean, you’re so far away from home, and to tell
you the truth, I didn’t do no research. I didn’t know that it snowed. I didn’t know that it
got cold. I didn’t know anything. Mhmm. So I went up there like I was still in Texas:
basketball shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops The one person that did help me, though
—I will tell you this—Joe Fulce. We went to Marquette together. So it was like, whenever we had a problem,
we’re each other’s, kinda, coping mechanism. The fact that you just had somebody
to listen to definitely helped. Yeah, like I go to therapy every week— Yeah. And I think that it’s the most amazing thing
just because you’re able to talk— Whatchu go to therapy for? Like, retail therapy? Like, you goin’ shopping? No. Like, I go, I sit— Like wine therapy? I do what we’re doing right now. You sit and drink wine. Yeah. There’s different types of therapy. But you’re right. Therapy comes in many
different forms, and it almost seems like that journal’s a therapy. Being able to talk to someone,
even if they aren’t listening to you, is a therapy. Mhmm. But I’m curious if you’ve ever thought
about doing actual therapy. Done it before. Yeah, I’ve done it before. Tell me about it. I mean, I think there’s a better way for me
to talk to people and handle things. I like when people tell me to, like,
just stop being a bitch. Like, Yeah. Suck it up Ooh! Come here. No! [Laughing] It gets real feisty. You know, stuff gets thrown. Wait till I get a good hand. Names get— No, I got it. Names get just demolished. No they didn’t. Yo, you cannot do that! But you can?! I know that though! No, no, no, but you can?! That’s cheating. That’s cheating. That’s cheating! No it’s not! I can say whatever I want. You can’t tell
your partner what led. How well do you guys know each other as partners? Do you know what he’s gonna do before he does it? I know I played a spade and
you need to play a spade. How well do you know him? Very. And that just comes with time? Yeah, just like shooting a free throw. Whoo, let’s go! Ooh, I got nervous! Man, if he played his ace, we had it So I have a very serious, hard-hitting question. What is up with the Ninja Turtle headband? It’s not a Ninja Turtle headband! It is a Ninja Turtle headband! No, it’s not. It’s like the Donatello cuz it is in the back and it flows. For one, you coulda, you coulda said Raphael. OK. Like, all of them wore ‘em.
Let’s just get that out the way. But that’s not what it is. OK, then tell me. What, why are you doing that? Kyrie wore it. Jrue wore it. So I was like,
“You know what? Lemme get in on it.” I’d tie that damn thing around my neck
if I wanted to and wear it as a bow. What’s it like being on a basketball team
with a personality like Joel Embiid? Different, I can tell you that. I like it cuz he got some of “I don’t give a fuck” in him. Like, “Yo, I’m goin’ at you.” But he’ll tell you. Like, that’s what I like about it. Like, “Yeah, all right, we cool, but I’m fittin’
to bust your ass tonight. Like, I like that. I like being on
a team with real competitors. Who controls the music in the locker room? Not Amir Johnson. I heard his playlist before
the game—uh, one of these home games. Trash. Terrible. What’s the mood of your playlist? Right now, probably some
Scotty McCreery, Mitchell Tenpenny “Drunk Me” is a great song,
but I think the song on the album is “Walk Like Him.” Phenomenal. Phenomenal. These are all country artists. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We not talkin’
about nothin’ except for country here. What made you start listening to country music? Cuz that seems different than
what people would expect. It all started just with gettin’
on people’s nerves in college. Everybody was wearin’ the Beats headphones
around their neck instead of on their ears like normal people do. And you could hear the music,
so Lil Wayne from this corner, Wiz Khalifa, Jeezy, Drake, name it. It was all in there. And I was just like, “Yo, turn your music down.” And they was like, “No, mind your business. Pay attention and listen to
what’s in your headphones.” I said, “Say no more. Gotchu.” So next game rolls around,
and I walk in the same way that they were, with the headphones right here
blaring Tim McGraw, “Don’t Take the Girl.” And everybody was like, “Turn that shit off!” And I was like, “No, hell no.
Remember what y’all just told me. Mind your business and
listen to what’s in your headphones.” So I actually started listening to the lyrics,
and I actually liked the music, so I stuck with it. Big bro in town, man. His birthday was this week. See that? You claim to be a better
football player than Antonio Brown. Yes. With that being said, I could be in debt $30,000 to him right now because I tried to
guard him in the red zone and failed. One of the best wide receivers in the league
—you bet him $30,000? Hypothetically speaking, it started at $10,000. He could or could not have went 3-for-3.
Three times 10 is 30. I’m just saying, it could have happened. You thought you would best AB once? Hypothetically speaking, yes. Was it a reach? Hypothetically, hypothetically, it could have
hypothetically been a bad way to lose, hypothetically, $30,000. Yeah. Yeah. Hey Taylor. The bet was he could stop me for three
fade routes from Russell Wilson. Hey Jim, you know you one of my close friends and your credit always good with me, but I think today, you need to pay. Pay up buddy it’s been three years or just donate it to my charity. What’s that to you? A shot in the bucket. Jimmy Buckets. Yeet! You do not care what people think of you. Yes. I hear that; I think that most people do care. Mhmm. But there are certain things that they
believe that they do know about you. I want to say some of those things,
and I want your take on their beliefs. OK. OK. “Jimmy Butler is a diva.” I don’t even like being in the spotlight.
I don’t even like being on TV. I don’t like doing media. I just gotta do it. Nah, but I think the way that people write a story
or narrate something, I see where you could get that from. Not mad at it. “Jimmy Butler is a bully.” Stop it. That’s a…really? You wanna use that word with everything that’s
going on in the world right now, to try to say that I’m a bully? Who am I bullying? “Jimmy Butler is toxic.” Once again, don’t think so. I got way too much in my life going on to be worried about if somebody thinks that I’m toxic. I would actually think that, majority of my teammates
that I’ve played with, we was cool. “Jimmy Butler is not a max player.” That is to be determined.
I don’t play this game for the bread anyways. You just, you know,
let ‘em think what they wanna think. I like it though. Yeah. I don’t want everybody to like me. What fun is that? I’d actually like more people to dislike me. Cuz then you really paying attention. You know, you take whatever I say and choose to
accept it, believe it, not like me even more. Just be you. Like, I’mma be me
whether you like it or not. I don’t give—in the way that I like
to say it—I don’t give a fuck. I think “fuck” is your favorite cuss word Yeahhh. You’re a “fuck” guy. What’s your second-favorite cuss word? Motherfucker. Oh, so just a variation of fuck? Yeah. OK. You know you gotta put that one in there. That’s game. Did we win? Yeah, they got set twice. Even a garbage can gets
a steak every once in a while. In the wise words of Rob. Whoo! Hey, I beat, allegedly, the greatest. Both y’all trash. You were great. Great game. Good game. Hey, handshake. Good game. I don’t shake hands after basketball games. Good game! I damn sure ain’t gonna shake hands. You better move before you get
your hand shut in the damn refrigerator! Selfie, selfie, selfie. This is why I like being on this side. I can’t— Here, you wanna switch seats? You take it. Tell you what, I’m not holding your
phone cuz if I drop it, I’m not paying for it. OK. Ready, set, go.


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