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Jimmy Pitches How I Built This’ Guy Raz a Solid Waffle Business Idea

Jimmy Pitches How I Built This’ Guy Raz a Solid Waffle Business Idea

-Thank you for being here.
You know, I’m a giant fan. I also want to thank you
for something you did, not on our show, but you helped
me out a couple of weeks ago. We did a kind of a “for your
consideration” Emmy panel — Emmy thing in Los Angeles. And I asked you to interview me.
And you said yes. So thank you for doing that. -Thank you for asking,
because you deserve an Emmy! -No, no. Thank you, no.
No, but I — No, I meant — No, but you —
No, you did such a great — You’re one of my favorite
interviewers on the planet. I love all of your shows.
“Wow in the World,” I love. “How I Built This” obviously. And the new one, this is
going to freak people out. “Wisdom from the Top.” I just want to get
into all of it now. So let’s talk about
“How I Built This.” Do you guys know this podcast?
If you don’t — [ Cheers and applause ] It’s one of the best podcasts
out there right now. And basically what you do is,
you talk to entrepreneurs and CEOs and people that
started these companies, and what you would think,
in my head, I go, “God, this might be like a
boring interview. I don’t know. Do I care about how
they made Stacy’s Chips?” -Yeah. -It is — I do.
It turns out I really do. And I love her.
I go, “What a story.” But what do you learn from interviewing
and getting these stories? -Oh, man, I mean, you know,
lately we’ve been hearing a lot about pivots on the show. Like, so, Stacy is
a great example, right? -A pivot?
-A pivot, right? So, Stacy — Stacy Madison,
who created Stacy’s Pita Chips, I mean, that company began
as a sandwich cart, right? -A food truck. Yeah.
-Right. She had a sandwich cart
in Boston making rolled-up
pita sandwiches. And every day
they had, like, extra pitas, and, you know, she didn’t
want to throw them away. So they would cut them up
and bake them up and sprinkle them with Parmesan
and hand them out to people, you know, waiting in line
for the sandwiches. And eventually
the people were like, “Hey, can we buy
these pita chips?” And, like, six months into this, she and her partner,
Mark Andrus, are like, “Wait a minute. Well, maybe we’re, like,
in the wrong business. Like, maybe we should do
pita chips.” And they completely pivot from
pita sandwiches to pita chips. Within 10 years,
they sell this company to Pepsi for $250 million. -It’s fascinating stories. Do you now know if an idea
will work or not after hearing all these ideas? You’re like, “Oh, yeah.”
-No. You know, so, have you ever
heard of Edible Arrangements? -Yeah, of course. -So, you know,
the bouquet of fruits, right? So we had the founder,
Tariq Farid, on the show. And I said, you know, “Tariq,
if you asked me 25 years ago, if you said, ‘Hey,
I have this great idea. I’m going to take cantaloupe
and melon and pineapple and strawberries and I’m going
to carve it into flower shapes, put it on sticks,
arrange it in a bouquet, and deliver it
to people’s houses.'” Like, what — I would have said, “That’s the dumbest idea
I’ve ever heard.” -“I’m out. Yeah, I’m out.
No, thanks.” -“That’s the stupidest idea.” -“I don’t want
to do that at all.” -“Nobody’s going to
invest in that.” Well, that company is worth half
a billion dollars today, right? I mean, and the thing is, you get all these crazy ideas
all the time. I mean, crazy —
You know, in fact, I was watching this show
a couple of days ago. And ’cause you’re
an entrepreneurial guy, and you had, like, puzzles
and you’ve got the flashcards and the kids’ book.
-Yeah, yeah. -And you’ve got the emojis,
and hands high — high hands — -Yeah, hands high, yeah.
I came up with this sweatshirt that — Because what do you do
when your team is winning? -You put your hands high. -So I said why not put logos
in the armpits? -Logos under the armpits.
You’ve got — Right, right. -So hands high is —
-High. -Yeah. Just, why not? And bring back the wave!
-Yeah. -The wave should exist. Yeah. -So you’ve got, like,
this entrepreneurial itch. -Can I pitch you
some dumb ideas? -You want to pitch me?
-Yeah, I’d love to. -Yeah, I really want to hear
if you — I have a great —
Ready for my new idea? -Okay.
-All right. It’s called —
it’s called Veyetamins. -Okay. -But E-Y-E.
They’re eye drops. -Eye-drop vitamins. Eye drop — V-eye-tamins.
For your eye drops. -So people that don’t like
taking pills or swallowing — And you want vitamin C.
Drop, drop. -Yeah. -Veyetamins. -No?
-Yeah…yeah. [ Laughter ]
-All right, how about this? This one’s a slam dunk.
-Okay. All right, Kraft Singles.
-Right, yeah. -But make them into circles. For hamburgers. Why is there a square
on my burger? Make them circles.
-For hamburgers. -Yeah, for just hamburgers.
-‘Cause the bread is square. You don’t want, like,
a circle on the bread. -Yeah, bread is square.
-You wouldn’t have the cheese on the corners of the bread. -All right.
That’s not the best idea. Okay, wait, wait, wait. Ooh, I have a slam-dunk idea.
-Okay. -Are you ready?
This is for Eggo waffles. -So we can do —
Eggo, if you’re watching, I’ll do it,
we’ll give it to charity. We’ll do it. Emoji waffles. Here’s what it is.
-Yeah. -Here’s what you do. It’s
like an egg wash on top of — It’s a regular frozen waffle, but when you toast it,
an emoji appears. -Oh, my God. That’s amazing!
I want to invest in that. -You do?!
-Yes. -You like that one?!
All right, good, that’s the one. You do? Okay.
-Emoji, yes. -The emoji waffle!
-Yes! -A surprise every morning. What are — Could we get —
Out of all the things, what’s the best advice
you could give to any business that’s starting that you’ve
learned from all these — talking to all these
great people? -I mean, I think the best
piece of advice I’ve learned from leaders is that kind
leaders have kind companies. I mean, kindness is
an incredibly powerful tool. It sounds a little hokey, but
we’ve had leaders on the show and entrepreneurs on the show
who are kind. People like, you know, Gary
and Kit Erickson of Clif Bar. They give their employees
a chunk of ownership. Kim Jordan of New Belgium,
that makes Fat Tire, she allows her — she gives
ownership to her employees. And the thing about kindness
that I’ve learned from entrepreneurs
is that kindness is free. It costs nothing. It’s
zero dollars and zero cents. But the return
on that investment is bigger than any
financial investment. It’s actually
a hugely important quality of successful entrepreneurs. -I love that. Be kind. Guy, I love you, buddy.
Thank you so much for coming on. Come back whenever. Guy Raz. Check out his podcasts “How I Built This”
and “Wisdom from the Top.”


I would've loved to try the real pita chips, but once they're sold to Pepsi and went national, I'd be too scared to look at the ingredients list. Preservatives and coloring, made on machines that process peanuts (for some people, obviously), I mean forget it.

Yaaay Podcasts?

Forreal, I feel so sorry for this guy. Jimmy should've just dedicated the whole show to Madonna, cuz it's very clear he does not care for this second guest. He sells high interest well, I'll give him that, but its clear we can all see through his BS at this point…

Kindness does cost if you sacrifice the truth for the sake of social points and popularity. Which is usually what happens.

is all you do is sit around making up bullshit about Donald Trump isn't a crime to make up lies about the president of the United States and yet you support Obama witch is nothing but a lie Obama isn't his real name his wife is really man those are not really his kids because a man and a nother man can not have kids why don't you show all videos of Obama calling Michelle Michael Obama lied about being a Christian he lie about being born in America and how about Obama being the leader of ISIS or how about the video of Obama admitting to blowing up the world trade center on 911 because Obama is really Osama and I Donald Trump didn't trade his booty whole to become the president like you did to get your shit TV show and I bet one Trump tower makes more money in one week than you have your whole life come back Jey Leno we miss you

Lol I did not think this is how he looks like. He's podcasts are such an integral part of my podcast experience and I just love his voice and questions!!

Hey Jimmy if ya do read this and thats a big IIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFF .I think its time to call keanu reeves on the show plzzzzzzz.

Love this guy and his podcasts! Big inspiration! Would love to learn from him and have podcasts of my own.

The title of this video was so hard to read until I watched most of the video. I had heard of this guy before, but I wasn't familiar enough with his name to follow how it was supposed to read at all lol. I was like, "is the guest named 'Jimmy Pitches' and he has a book or something called 'How I built This Guy Raz a Solid Waffle Idea'?" Is the guest known as the "How I built this' guy"? Is Raz a verb???" Wow. I'm not on top of it today.

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