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Kolory- gra z piłką

Kolory- gra z piłką

You have to catch the ball if you can hear any colour but not black or the word nettle So if you can hear yellow- catch the ball green- catch the ball Black- don’t catch the ball! if you fail- you get down on one knee second time – get down on two knees third time you put yur elbow on the ground Every right move (catching the ball on right colour) gets one of punishments back. yellow white nettle BRAVO ! nettle=don’t catch the ball yellow black Bravo black=don’t catch the ball brown green red white Right move=1 punishment back gray turquoise nettle black oops! black-don’t catch the ball! nettle oops! nettle -=don’t catch the ball green red nettle red Bravo! 1 punishent back


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