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Który dzbanek filtr do wody wybrać? Brita, Dafi czy Aquaphor? Which pitcher?

Który dzbanek filtr do wody wybrać? Brita, Dafi czy Aquaphor? Which pitcher?

hello if someone else does not there is a pitcher to filter the water here we have three main brands daf and elegant Polish production filter in good astra universe a second kind of this pole is known to everyone since 50 years brita introduces a new filter maxtra plus must be careful if we buy This maxtra jug plus he has rounded bottom and unfortunately it can be so that it will not fit us replacement for either dafi or from aquaphor and we still have aquaphor and it’s hard to find because a little bit in supermarkets are failing as you can see the wall is simply appropriated by the whip he shot blockers and this is a small aquaphor with your filters as you can see next PLN 10 on the art of difference 24 PLN 13 is an aquaphor a huge difference on the other side of the bookcase it is just carrefour the whole stand dafi meaning we have Polish versus Germany Polish Polish filters ideal for watering animals cooking is everything 1 hit for 200 liters or the strength of the filters dafi is like aquaphor beta free at pzh approval everything is quite fit for please to dafi to brita for home whatever it is and real quality and real has withdrawn, there is no in any case, the box would not stay labels and aquaphor very modestly after the middle, such a crushed one is neglected No blanka bidets in carrefour it was but it succeeded in auchan to hit aquaphor pitchers and such cool ones the fridge was recently promoted in ladybug a very decent price was I think they bought out all because of it I came to the shelf exactly shop very quickly once I managed to buy and the end is this kind of hand filter wear indicator you can be washed in the dishwasher is not there the battery needs to be changed for Britain unfortunately it is a problem because the batteries need to be cut out, replace but of course the newest one the brita pot will have an oxygen indicator in which probably nothing will happen anymore You do not replace it to break down buy a new one or save it on a calendar the price of brita filters is so just a nice one too filters are stuck for the jug we see here at the bottom, the maxtra plus is 1 enjoy, not only will I be nothing fits and we buy filters with a fairly high price but German, of course, must, of course cost marketing beyond that appropriation enough there is something in the supermarket costs and here is mom 4 plus a rounded and ordinary max celebrity which you can afford for maxtra replace it and that’s not because it has this round already rounded here is aquaphor or whether anything else than we plant, unfortunately, yes it looks like they are here grooves and after buying or buying brita maxtra plus whether it will make it more expensive not just well cared for over a hundred and the problem is only to get a little save and all three filters are aqualung has very similar aqua-form quality which prevents you from being there all these filtering relationships did not move the sides did not get light on fashion and it’s gone nothing more is magnesium

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