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LGR – Batter Up! – First PC Baseball Game I Played

LGR – Batter Up! – First PC Baseball Game I Played

[typing] [PC speaker version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”] Greetings! This is, uh… Well, this is something that I’ve
wanted to talk about for a long time, and I’ve been trying to get it working. And… this is a game that I had as a kid. And, you know, I just thought about it after seeing the insane Game 7 of the World Series, where the Cubs actually won after 108 years. What the nuts? And it was a lot of fun.
So it got me thinking about the very first baseball game I ever had on the PC, and it was this one! It’s called Batter Up! So, I can’t get my backups to work properly, and here’s the thing: I’ve also
never found a copy of this online. Uh, barely any record of it at all. So, it blows my mind that there’s still, like, games like this that I thought were
commonplace back in the day, but apparently they’re not.
And there’s just, there’s really– certainly no downloads that I could find. So, if you’ve ever heard of this, or might
have some download version of this, please let me know. But this is– it’s actually an edutainment thing. And, uh… Yeah… So, it looks like it’s working right. And, um… For the most part it does, but I
haven’t been able to get all the files off of my old floppy disks. There’s some of them that are corrupt,
as we’ll see as we get into the game. Um, so, whenever I do actually find all of the files, I will review this… whenever. Because I would love to find the full, like, you know, complete thing of this. There were later versions, too. Earlier ones, obviously, this is 2.0. Also later ones. Um… In fact, from what I remember reading
a couple of years ago when I was trying to get this to work another time, it’s still used in a much later
iteration in the National Math Bee. And it’s still called Batter Up, but it
doesn’t really resemble this version at all. The one I have here is really old. Tried contacting them years, but I didn’t get anywhere. This version is just, it’s obscure. And it’s got a really interesting history, which I’ll dive into whenever I get around to reviewing that. But that’s IF I get this to work properly. As of now, you can pretty much do what you’re about to see here, which is MOST of it, so that’s good. Uh, yes, we’ll turn on the sound because I specifically remember the sound being a little… uhhh… Well, you know how in like Sonic the
Hedgehog, and you’re underwater? Da-da-da-da-DA-DA-DA… It’s not quite that, like anxiety… [giggles] …ridden, but, uh… There’s some stuff with the sound here that I remember freaking me out as like a 7-year-old kid playing this on my 486. And these animations… [laughs] I love it. OK, here’s the sound. [PC speaker beeping] Yeah, so this is counting down
and you have to get these right as accurately as possible and as quick as possible to get a good hit. So, of course, playing on the easiest so I can play
a good game of math baseball! Here’s where it starts to not quite work. Some of these graphics, the graphics files and some other ones on the disks that I have of this are corrupt. Did I get a home run? Holy crap, I did! Alright. Ha ha. Yay! [laughs] What an exciting game. But, yeah, some of the files are corrupt, But I– this– I just– I… This is burned into my mind. Specifically, that Chick-fil-A logo on the left! And I blame THIS game and THAT logo for making me just like go crazy for Chick-fil-A whenever
I finally got a car and a job as a teenager, and it’s just like… [laughs] Oh, Chick-fil-A! I could go and get some chicken like I always… I, I don’t know. From…
It’s just a weird childhood memory that embed themselves in your brain,
and it’s just like, oh, yeah. Oh, did I get another home run?
This is gonna be a really one-sided game. Yeah. Outfielders are like, I dunno, I don’t care. Yeah… And this is pretty much it. I mean, this is, this is like the whole game right here. So… I don’t have a whole lot to show in the review, it’s just… ridiculous childhood memories for me, and, um… I dunno. I quite like this for some weird reason. And is way better than I’ve ever gotten it to run before, so I just wanted to make a video now that I just, uh… somehow get some of the files working off of, um, the floppy disks I have. I don’t actually have the originals. I got it… I don’t even remember where. We might have copied it from
someone, cuz it was shareware, so you could… legally do that. Um, chances are we got it at the local book fair. Because at the time I was homeschooled, and so a lot of my education came from edutainment games, which is one reason I so, like, about Edutainment Month every year, every April. And so I’m actually really looking forward to next April so I can talk about more edutainment. [laughs] But yeah, this game and a whole bunch of other games
that I had that were educational came from a local book fair
and that place was awesome. It was just… you know, a convention of a
whole bunch of educational stuff and things that were just fun. They had some just plain old games for DOS and Windows 3.1 as well, but it was mostly educational stuff. And, man, you know. It was cheaper, too, because we
got a discount for, like, actually being a homeschooled family or something, if I recall. There was something like that, I dunno. And so we just, we would stack
up on just disks, floppy disks, on tons of games, and, um… This was one of them. This is a really exhilarating game here. Yeah, I guess if you just get four correct, then it’s a home run every time, which… [laughs] Maybe I should have done something
other than Little League Edition. That’s a little, uh… Uh, you know. Escape to restart the game. Alright, let’s put it all the way up to
the highest and see how that goes. [laughs] I’m probably not gonna do well
at that, I got to admit. I’m, um… Yeah, let’s play against the computer. Let’s see here, let’s just do… Fraction conversion! Oh, God. Alright. Oh, wait. Hold on. There we go. Oh, I don’t wanna do this. Hall of Fame?! Hmm… Yeah, alright. Well, this is not gonna go well. Batter up! LGR! Yes… [chuckles] Alright. I love those animations! That’s so cool. [laughs] It was cool to me as a kid, so it’s still cool now. Like it’s… Alright. OK, so this isn’t too bad. There we go. Oh, God! I don’t know. I should know, but… [chuckles] [laughs] [laughing] Um… Nope! [laughs] Well, you know, whatever.
This is gonna be a more fair game now. I don’t even know. I’m terrible at doing
some of these things in my head. What? Seven and two-thirds? Alright. Am I supposed to–
I should probably be trying to like… write these out, I suppose? Let’s try… oh, crap. [typing] What does it want me to do here? Come on! I was trying to put that in, it wouldn’t let me. I was like pressing Space, and it’s like… Huh. Alright, whatever. Yeah! He caught it. I’m out. Oh, that sucks. Let’s see what the computer does. Batter up, Computer! Yes… Alright, pitcher, do your thing. You look exactly the same as the last guy. Ah, yes. Aw, I just thought that ball animation was so cool. Aw, why is the computer so good?! [laughs] It’s like it’s a computer or something! Ugh! It can calculate this crap. OK. Here we go. They got to first. Well, anyway, that is Batter Up! I don’t feel like doing any more of those things because I can’t do half of them in my head. Who can? I don’t know! I certainly couldn’t as a kid. I can now, so whatever. I never claimed to be good at those. But yeah, this game. So if ANYBODY– PLEASE, if you have information on this, if you have a version of this backed up somewhere, I cannot find a SINGLE version of this out there. As I said before, it’s just not there. I mean, I can’t–
I’ve just searched for years and there’s just no record of it. I’ve asked everyone I possibly could that might have archives of it, there’s just none. So… I dunno. But anyway, thank you very much for watching. And hopefully I’ll get a review of this sometime, if I ever get a version that’s fully working. Or some of the later ones. But yeah, thanks for watching. [PC speaker version of “Take Me Out
to the Ballgame” plays to the end]

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