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LIGHTNING CATASTROPHE: House Hit by Lightning – Carol Anne Chapman

LIGHTNING CATASTROPHE: House Hit by Lightning – Carol Anne Chapman

Hi, wouldn’t it be great if you could get
intuitive guidance and therefore know what to do to improve your life? The
problem would be, of course, that you would have to follow it. Let me tell you
what happened to me. A number of years ago, my husband and I decided to buy an
investment property – a house that we could rent out and maybe even retire
there. So we went looking around and we found this house that we just loved.
Now, the funny thing is that, as we were driving away from the house, I
got the biggest intuitive, “No!” of my life. I mean it was huge! It felt like a
huge big cube, and it was booming out “No!” So, I said to my husband,
“I don’t think we should buy that house.” But, you know what? We bought it anyway.
Let me tell you what happened. A little while later, on a dark and stormy night,
lightning struck the house, and it burned to the ground.
Really! Today, happens to be a big day in the life of that poor burnt house.
Hi, I’m Carol Chapman, and I want to take you over to the house right now. It’s an
hour away from here, so I’ll see you there. There is nothing left of our house.
Nothing. It is totally unsalvageable.
Fortunately, no one was staying in the house, so it wasn’t like the thing about people
dying in the fire or anything, but it strangely felt as if the house had died in the
fire. It felt like the “Finger of Fate” had just rrrr’d to us. It’s just been…it’s
been a year and a half. This is not an easy thing to talk about. I mean there’s
all these, sort of, omens that if your house is hit by lightning, I mean, puh. It
that means that the Universe is really – you’re really bad. It’s a very bad omen and, in
fact, I haven’t even been able to talk about it till today. And today, as you can
see, the cleanup crew is here to clean up the debris. But this is all
that’s left. Even the foundation was just cracked – gone. People ask me, ‘What kind of house do you
want to rebuild?” And I always say, “With lightning rods.” Well, how do you like that? They’re taking
that old burnt up shell out of here. Yay!!! Hey, wasn’t that something! Oh my God, and to
think that I knew not to buy that house ahead of time. But, of course, I did. Let me tell you, ever since then, I am following my intuition. It’s Carol
Chapman, author of Have Your Heart’s Desire. See you in the next video.
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