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Making a Paddle Ball Game : Paddle Ball Game: Gluing Cutouts Together

Making a Paddle Ball Game : Paddle Ball Game: Gluing Cutouts Together

Now we’re going to go ahead and glue the two
cutouts of the paddle together. We can use regular white glue for this, just make sure
that you have a nice cover around the outer edges because that’s the first place where
the paddle is going to have a tendency to come apart all around the edges. So make sure
that you have a nice coat around the outer edge and then you can go ahead and place more
glue along the middle. Again, you don’t need any kind of special glue, white glue works
fine with this. And once we have one side coated with the glue, we can go over ahead
and smear a little bit of the glue around the edges so we make sure that it covers all
exposed areas there and it gives a nice, a nice firm hold to the other piece of cardboard.
And then we can go ahead and lay the second piece right on top. Now it’s better to use,
if your using some type of carton, it’s better to keep the colored sides on the inside so
you don’t see them from the outside and this way it will make it much easier to decorate
the paddle and it should be a pretty close fit being that we’ve used them, they we’re
basically cut from the same image. And once you’re you’ve glued them together and you
have it positioned to where you want it, you can go ahead and cut the little areas that
might have not been trimmed properly when they were originally cut and this way they’ll
sit close together flat without any areas hanging over the side. And once you have it
so that it’s a good shape, you can go ahead and give it a nice firm, firm hold by pressing
it together and we’re going to go ahead and continue to make it a little bit more sturdy
even though the two layers makes it, makes it much more firm but we’re going to also
put some tape around and it’ll become much more sturdy in the next steps. So I’ve shown
you how to put both layers of the cardboard together.


You can increase structural strength by snipping a length of coat hangar and using it for an inset outline between the pieces of cardboard.

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