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Maya Top Oyunu Nasıl Bir Oyundu?

Maya Top Oyunu Nasıl Bir Oyundu?

There is no one who does not know or hear the Mayan civilization that has lived in isolation from the world for as long as it is discovered by the Europeans in America. The mysterious Mayan civilization had its own ball game and the temples and places where it was played. Although the Mayan civilization disappeared hundreds of years ago, the locals still live in several villages, playing Mayan ball games. Though not all rules of this ball game are known for thousands of years, it is known that the players touch the stone rings on both sides of the field and pass through the rings. The difficulty of the game is due to the rules of shooting balls. Human can be hit with only the part between the elbow and the wrist and knees and forelocks without touching the hand. The ball, which has a diameter of 10 to 22 cm, is made of a solid rubber or rubber so as to weigh at least 4 pounds. Adding to the fact that the rules of the game are hard on the ball being heavy and hard, it is sometimes a game that causes deaths. It is thought that 5 pieces of artifacts exhibited today belong to 1600-1700 BC. This ball game, which was unique to Mayans, was not such an ordinary game, and the game had a ritual feature. In holy days, they were played in important cultural or religious festivals. The Mayan ball game was played between two teams. There were usually two to four players in each team. But if the ceremony was very important, there could be seven players in a team. During the game if a team cannot meet the ball and the team cannot throw back or if the ball goes out of the game the game is over and the team cannot meet the ball lost. Although the Mayan people play ball games among themselves, the ball games we know are a bit more dangerous and difficult than they are. Thank you for watching my video. Subscribe me and watch my other videos see you 😀

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