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Mii Channel but every note is a random pitch

Mii Channel but every note is a random pitch

bop bop bop boop be dop ocmidmwidneodnr3okod send help I’m bored .-. this video is absolute perfection HmmmMmMMmMmMm snidnamlqmzakzmqkxmwijx so how are you guys? I’m doing pretty well.. not that you were wondering or anything…… well um….. hi? …… I like to draw… i can draw stickmen really well! ………… sniffle snoof i have a floof i actually have 4 floofs am i helping you guys understand this piece of art? no? guess i will try harder… aHem boop beep bop da doop bop bop doop beep mk wait.. …… waiiiiiittt *BUBBLY MOOJIK*


Everybody leave a timestamp in the replies for how your brain functions on a daily basis(watch whole video first) mine is: 0:00 – 0:08

2x speed was my brain yesterday when I read the directions after taking anxiety meds and it said "not to break or crush," and I broke it into 4 pieces

Me being given keyboard privileges at school and trying to play wii songs without knowing the notes so I press the keys in the rhythm but I press random ones:

when the teacher says that you can have recess for the rest of the day but the snitch thinks otherwise

The entire class:

you know you've hit rock bottom when you hear this in a random video and can immediately tell that it's the Wii theme

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