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MINECON Live 2019

MINECON Live 2019

2017: ocean is oceaoner
2018:taiga is taigaier
2019:snow is snowier
2020:nether is netherier
2021:cave is cavier
2022:sky is skier
2023:end is endier
2024:desert is desertier
2025:savanna is savannaier
2026:badlands is badier
2027:swamp is swampier
2028:beach is beachier
2029:space is spacier
2030:dragons are dragonier
2031: Gameplay is gamplayier
2032:the future is futureier
2033: [unknown]

wait you said you removed Herobriene but in my newer version in minecraft he's still showing even i'm on singleplayer mode

The Pigling Beast should be called the Nether Wart Hog it's a pun on Nether Wart and the fact it a Nether Wart Hog
I came up with this idea during Minecon 2019

Maybe in the next Minecraft update, are chairs. I even made a crafting recipe for it. So take one woode n block of any colour, then get 4 sticks and throw all the ingredients on the ground and maybe it might appear.

if your ever need me for updates I have so many ideas! My address is Linsfort, Buncrana, Co.Donegal, Ireland.

Swamp is more important than the mountain. Swamp will give travelers and scavengers and adventurers more capability just like the boat with chest

I love it how when they're playing the 'Buzzing with Bee's' you can hear that Shelby's mic is still on and her and Liam are just chatting away.

You know that? that

Sea turtles is a endangered species
Panda is an endangered species
bees is an endangered species

So we make cave a endangered species so they add a cave update lol

And also can you make it to where you don't have to have your Xbox account signed in correctly in order to play online online is not working

2019: “snow is snowier” 2069: “blocks are blockier” Tysm for da likes. I didn’t ask for them, but I’m glad you did that.

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