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Morgan’s Musings-Episode 11, Bailey Vick

Morgan’s Musings-Episode 11, Bailey Vick

Hi I’m Morgan Turner health education
assistant at the Human Development Institute, and Special Olympics athlete,
and Athlete ambassador. This series titled Morgan’s musings is dedicated to
learning about disability, health, advocacy, and leadership, from all
different types of people. We will talk with disability self
advocates, caregivers, and parents, and people, that work with individuals with
disabilities. We hope this series of interviews helped teach you to become a
leader and a self-advocate in your own unique way. Hi I’m Morgan Turner here for
another episode of Morgan’s musings. I’m here today with my good friend and UK
softball player Bailey Vick, Hello everyone. Bailey thanks for letting
us interview you today.. Absolutely let’s get started. Let’s do it. So can you tell me a
little about yourself? So I’m a senior here at Kentucky
I’m from Paducah Kentucky as well just four hours away. I’m majoring in
accounting so yeah big numbers girl yeah but I’ve played left field here
for three years so. Why did you choose to come to Kentucky?
well I am a Kentucky girl my dad came here but I actually was going to
Louisville what!. Before so I was not gonna play softball I had a roommate I had a
class schedule I had a dorm at the University of Louisville it’s painful to
say I know. Baily i dont think we can be friends after this interview you know that right? But I actually got a call from the coaches here and they were like
hey wanna play softball? And I was like sure why not I love Kentucky. So really
it was like if I was going to play softball in college it was Kentucky or
bust cuz Go Cats right? Cool!! right yea Go Cats!!. So you took an internship with Special
Olympics I did. Why special Olympics? So I actually came to school majoring in special education oh OK.
Yeah so in high school I worked with a peer tutoring program you might be
familiar with that but basically you go to the classroom with special needs
students and you just work with them and so I just have a passion for that so I
came to school to be a special education teacher obviously that didn’t work out
but I found the Special Olympics internship was Special Olympics and it
was also accounting which is my major and I was like best of both worlds you know? 2 birds with one stone right? Yeah
exactly so I was like I love working with Special Olympic athletes like I
volunteered before with them and I love accounting so I was just gonna put them
both together yeah. What was your favorite part about interning with Special
Olympics? well I came to intern for the accounting part but on the weekends and
sometimes during the week I got to interact with athletes including yours
truly Morgan so I got to do healthy athletes with you. Yes. And I got to hang
out with a bunch of other athletes and that was just the best part I mean I got
my accounting experience you know you have to do that to be in the workforce.
Right. But hanging with you guys was just the absolute best part because I have
friendships now I feel like we’re good friends just because of it. I think so.
Yeah. And also she went to my softball game and had to see my
Jersey. Listen Morgan Kentucky fan he says but his softball team was the stride
Cardinals. Yeah. With a red jersey and It just hurt I went to see him play and I just
it burned. it hurt. So why do you think people should be involved in unified sports?
well I think people should be involved one because you get to meet all these
people I think what people don’t realize about you know athletes or people with
disabilities is they’re really you’re your just like us okay? Yes your just like us one of my favorite quotes in life
is the only disability in life is having a bad attitude.
That’s awesome. Right? I’ve never heard that quote but i love it. So I think whenever we volunteer especially
athletes you know you get you get to hang out with people like you who have the
same passions, you guys love sports, you love competing, I love sports, I love
competing, and I think you guys can learn from us and we get to learn from you. You
guys have such a good outlook on life you know you’re so happy and I think
sometimes with my experience like maybe I’d be having a bad day and I’d come to
work at Special Olympics or I’d come to a sporting event and you guys are just so you
know happy and I know that it I would love to compete with you guys I would
love to be on the team. Yes and I think I can’t speak for everyone in Special
Olympics but I know a lot of them they love seeing you guys on TV or live and
so it just means a lot to athletes like myself where you guys to come to
sporting events and then doing like stuff like we had this softball clinic. Yes that was
so important to me Larissa which is my teammate we she was at special Olympics this summer you know her but we one of our big goals throughout the
summer was like we’re gonna have a camp at softball and we’re gonna have a ton
of athletes that was the goal I was like I don’t care if you play softball or not
you’re gonna come, we’re gonna hang out, and we’re gonna have fun. Right. And I
think it was just it’s so awesome to just we’re all just here. And they were
going to make me do burpees to start off. Because all summer you wanted me to do
burpees and I didn’t do them. that was our warmup Morgan was gonna do burpees. Right.
So what makes a good leader? that’s a heavy question right there. Yes
I think obviously to be a leader you have to have people who are willing to
follow you right? Right but I think the best types of leaders are ones
that have good relationships with people so like we have leadership meetings on
our team and so technically being a senior right now I’m technically a
leader. Yep but I think people wouldn’t call me a leader type because I’m really
personable I really like to have good relationships with all people on the team
whether it be you’re a freshman, you know you’re a sophomore,
you’re Morgan I like to have a good relationship with you. But I think that
to be a leader you have to be passionate about the goal so our goal is you know
win games obviously. Right always. Yeah you have to be passionate you have to be caring
for the people who are following you because it’s not just about you it’s
about getting the people to follow you you know you have to be confident but I
think just having relationships with people is it’s really important. That’s
definitely I think that’s a real big part about being the leader. Yeah for
sure. Because I would I would consider you a leader in special Olympics but I
don’t think you’re a bossy kind of leader oh yeah i am maybe he thinks he’s a bossy kind I
think you have relationship with everybody everybody who meets you you
know you have a good relationship with them but people want to follow you so
there you go. So what does advocacy mean to you and why is it important? I think
becoming a college athlete has really shown me how important it is and it
means more to me I think I mean while I’m not like I’m not no LeBron James
like I’m not on the basketball team but I’m on a platform as a Kentucky athlete
like people there’s little girls who they follow every move that I make, you
know they watch my Instagram they watch my Twitter, they watch everything that I
do. But you know people seeing me like work with Special Olympics and like I
interned with Special Olympics and people are like oh you know how do I get
involved because Bailey’s doing that you know UK athletics is doing that so I mean that’s pretty cool like I want to do
that I think that’s important especially when you are put on a platform people
look up to you like being an advocate for something important to you makes
more people want to do it you know what i mean? right. So you’re a student
athlete how do you balance softball like the practices and games with school? So
that’s really the hardest thing about being a student-athlete. I’m an
accounting major like I told you you said boring. But it’s tough it is a
lot of exams a lot of homework you really have to put a lot of time into
school. But softball I mean we have 6 a.m. workouts every morning in the fall.
you ever had a 6 a.m. workout? I have not. and I was a wrestler in high school we I never. I
don’t recommend it I don’t recommend but I mean we get our workout done
really early, so then we’ll go to class, eat lunch, if you have time no im kidding
always make time for lunch, and then we’ll have practice, up until dinnertime.
So really it’s you don’t have a lot of time to go to the movies you know just
hang out go to the pool but it’s you have to have priorities like you have to
know what’s important to you so I make time for school, I make time for softball,
and you know friends sometimes. What advice would you give someone that wants
to try something new but may not have the confidence to do it? Well I would say
through my experience coming and playing college softball was super scary to me. I
told you I wasn’t gonna do it that’s super scary I mean. It is. I remember my
first SEC game all the cameras that were out and you know I’m like there’s
people watching on TV right now? But something that I’ve learned is just to
you know do it. And what’s the worst thing that’s gonna happen you fail? you
mess up? But I mean life goes on. My favorite quote not second favorite
quote that I always tell people like when something doesn’t go their way like
in softball is the Sun is gonna come up tomorrow OK. Unless it rains then it may not. the suns gonna come out tomorrow unless it rains. But what I’m saying is
you’re gonna get over it failing is not the end of the world that’s something that
you have to learn in life and our coaches preach it softball in particular
is a game of failure like you’re gonna fail all the time why not try to do It i
mean you keep trying and sometimes you might have a positive outcome of it. And
I also will say doing this internship was scary for me I don’t know. oh yeah. But
you guys are scary no i’m just kidding no just becoming a real adult and being in the real world
is really scary. Oh yeah. And so I just came in there and for my interview I was
like this might not go well but here we go.
You just have to have the ability to just do it you you know? and you may fail but
hey. That doesn’t mean you should stop trying other things. That’s right you’ll
find something that you’re good at right? Yeah. There you go. So Bailey that’s all
we have for today thank you for letting us interview you absolutely anytime and Go
Cats. Go Cats. yeah so that’s all we have for today thank you for watching another
episode of Morgan’s musings if you want to watch more episodes like this go to
wellness the number 4 ky dot org or go to our youtube channel thanks bye see
ya you

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