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MVCC Softball

MVCC Softball

[music playing] The best part about playing softball is
meeting the different groups of girls and the atmosphere and just sharing the
same passion for the sport and hitting too. It’s my best part. The adrenaline it gives you, and like,
you just kind of get high off of it. It’s like, ooh, like that felt sweet. I want to
do it again. Like next at bat, maybe I’ll get a double, like,
it just really motivates you just keep driving and doing better each time.
Before a game I need to listen to classic rock like some AC/DC or like
Guns and Roses, anything to just pump me up. I need that guitar solo, those drums
and I’m, I’m in game mode. I think life as a Moraine student-athlete is just like a
win-win situation, like, you’re able to be at home and continue to play the sport
that you love and still get a great education out of it. I would like
definitely recommend it from high school graduates that are looking to go to
college. I think one big misconception would have to be it’s like oh their
field is so small why can’t they hit the ball over the fence, and it’s like well
softball ain’t that easy. It’s more fast-paced and you have to be ready and
always on your toes. And people, they just, they don’t understand until they’re on
that field, so, personally they can’t talk. If I was on the bench, like, during, like,
game wise, like on the bench or in the field, I would always keep a smile on my
face and make sure I cheer my teammates on because they deserve that just as
much if I’m on the field, I would like want that for them. I would love to just spend
time with my teammates and like get to know them because I still have like
multiple friendships from the girls that are leaving to go into college and the girls
are returning. So I really do cherish things like that.
What I love about playing here is that it’s very flexible, but you’re they’re
also hard on you at the same time. Or they push you to be the best you can be
on and off the field, and just always have fun and if it’s not fun anymore then
don’t play and get your education on and go on with life. [music playing]

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