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Nerf Team Fortress

Nerf Team Fortress

Announcer: Defend our cart! (✿◠‿◠) Looks clear. (Running and huffing) Announcer: Your friends are all dead. Announcer: Good luck. (Grunts) (Footsteps) (Grumbles) ( Lighter sparking, Fuse igniting) (Cocking rocket) Huh? (Rocket firing) (Straining) (Loading & cocking bullet) (Bang) (Ding) (Clanking metal) (pump action) Announcer: The cart is near the checkpoint!


The Handyman’s Hatchet
Lvl 30 wrench

Builds up to level 4 sentries
Sentry can only be placed on the payload cart
Alt fire: blocks melee weapons

Edit: if you can think of a better name or stats, let me know. (It’s the engie’s wrench in the vid)

TF but it's nerf for NTF make a NTF2 for tf2 but it's nerf for NTF2 (best quote) it's nerf or tf2 it's nerf or fortress it's NTF OR TF it's NTF2 or TF2

Love the video, but two people would never be able to move the cart without getting blown up by the soldier within 20 seconds of moving

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