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NYU Softball Splits vs. Farmingdale State (4-16-15)

NYU Softball Splits vs. Farmingdale State (4-16-15)

Sage Sheiwiller: We make sure to address the learning points that we had in the first game. What to fix if that situation happens again and then we just try to forget it Sage: as much as possible and realize it’s a new game everything’s different. If we’re playing well, we are very very good team. Sage: And then when we aren’t playing as well as we should be, so find a way to mistakes that we made. Kahala Bonsignore: I think that in between the games we all tried to hit or field or just do something to refocus ourselves. And a little talk at Kahala: the end of the first game with coach was really inspiring so we’ve got our act together and we really came back well. Kahala: We just knew that we can do so much better so you know I think we all thought that and we just put our best effort out in the second game. Now-Allah James: we might have had tough first games but we’ve always come back in second games. Now-Allah: and bounced back they’re very resilient. They’ve been going exactly what we work on in practice and I’m proud of them and they come out every day and it doesn’t Now-Allah: it doesn’t matter who’s pitching or what’s going on they come out and perform the same way everyday.

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