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Obama v Trump: contrasting pitches as midterms loom

Obama v Trump: contrasting pitches as midterms loom

Last week I called up
the United States military. We’re not playing
games, folks. [Cheering] Because you look at
what’s marching up. That’s an invasion.
That’s not … That’s an invasion. Two weeks before
this election, they’re telling us
that the single most grave threat to America
is a bunch of like poor, impoverished, broke,
hungry refugees a thousand miles away. This election will decide
whether we build on this extraordinary prosperity
that we’ve created … Did you see those
numbers on Friday? Did you see
those numbers? [Cheering] Or whether we let
the radical Democrats take a giant
wrecking ball to our economy
and to our future. America now has
the best economy in the history
of our country. When folks …
When you hear these Republicans
bragging about: “look how good
the economy is,” where do you think
that started? [Cheering] Somebody had to
clean it up. [Cheering] That’s what a
progressive agenda did. In two days, Indiana,
you get to vote in what I believe will be
the most important election of our lifetimes. This is one of the most
important elections of our lifetime. This is a very
important election. I wouldn’t say it’s as
important as ’16 but it’s right up there.


My Favorite OBUMA quotes "You can keep your doctor" and "Donald Trump will never be President" I like mine better. OBUMA for Prison and Lock her Up ! !. Wow looks like Obummer has his team of Alt Left commies/Socialist /MS13 voting again. Trump 2020 ! !

Some people go against anything Trump even if he's right. That's going to be the Democratic down fall. They're unwillingness to meet in the middle. Why would we cater to a country that doesn't like or respect us?

Difference between these two guys is ones got a lot of money the other wants ya money as a tax payer I know which one is after mine

Our presidential history


Oh Obama…use those massive ears to listen for a change rather than pontificating your "achievements". You didn't do anything to help the economy much less the country. Divided all with race & hate….. Remember you said jobs weren't coming back and this is the "new normal". You were the worst President in history with disastrous economic recovery and economic idea was non-existent. Every day was dismal with you! What a breath of fresh air it is now. Finally someone who is putting America first rather than bowing down to our enemies and your moronic base. You were just the worst thing ever!

Obama the corporate Wall Street politician throwing out the same meaningless lines. Give me a president who values actions over words any day.

Lately, I've run into lots of commentary that basically fawns at Obama's waxing poetic– his M.O., for all intents and purposes.
I'm going to play their game by employing Godwin's law, reminding people that a certain art-school-reject was praised for being an eloquent speaker as well.

Why is this Kenyan islamic imbecile allowed to spin his web of lies again?? His islamic masters in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere gave him no respect. Trump had the Saudi King waiting at the tarmac to greet him despite Trump's stance against islamists. Learn from that, libturds.

Obama stole 2nd election from Romney & will be stripped of the presidency forever & spend the rest of his life in Military Prison!

trump's face color looks different i mean look at the back of his head and his ears (he was at the beach or something or is just makeup) and his eyes

Why is the Democrats main voice a "has-been"? Are they so lacking in a leader to go to an ex? Well, him, and the usual celebs. Is it the Republican party? And the Hollywood Celeb party… and the democrats don't really exist? I speak as an observing Aussie who's not voting, but see's a glaring gap in Democrat leadership


Enough already I love my country but the electoral college chose a racist for president. I will admit Hillary wouldn't have been any better but as Americans all this hate has to stop.

Obama looks sad and desperate and has-been. Economy? Failed for his 8 years, just now starting to recover. He, like Hillary, needs to just fade away gracefully (if still possible). You guys, Obama and Hillary, talked only about how American jobs were long-gone. We should "get used to it." Trump and Sanders were the only candidates in 2016 saying how it was still possible to fight globalism and bring American jobs back home. (I voted for Trump because, sorry, Sanders didn't know a thing about the global economy.) Trump's done exactly what he claimed was possible. Thank you, President Trump!

Obama is least effective president ever. Now he is just an embittered and clueless footnote to history, and it galls him.
Live with your failure Barry.

Obama is so much fun to stare at. Whatever let's just let in a few more thousand poor people, if Obama says it's cool then I'm down.

Wish I had an OBummer punch bag… every time I hear him speak I wanna punch him… I’m not a violent man but I don’t suffer fools gladly… just go away OBummer are done.😖😖😖🤬

Here is a line from Barack Obama's final push in theses midterms “the character of this country is on the ballot, who we are is on the ballot” . This will not convince anyone thinking of voting for Trump Republicans to such their vote. Like so many incredulous people on the left, he still didn't get it and that is shocking video and a serious problem for the utterly tone deaf Dems. The problems is many, if not most or even all Trump supporters viscerally do not like the direction the left and Dems are taking the character of the country. They are not hateful, they simply want to maintain the basic mature of the country. They don't want a country that flaunts due process and innocent until proven guilty, they don't want a country that regularly dismisses 35% to 40% of the country as angry white male racists that manage a patriarchy against everyone else etc. Trump may be a lot of bad things or things people do not like, including many among the reluctant Trump supporters, but he is not stupid and is apparently better at understanding the real, legitimate fears of many voters. Obama's intervention in this election will have zero positive impact for Dems and it's time deaf mature may even firm up wavering "gettable" Trump supporters. I personally can't stand Trump, but the alternative offers nothing other than not Trump and that is not good enough when they have remained absolutely deaf to the concerns of this that voted Trump but whose minds are changeable.

Now that Americans are divided , they will lose their place..the enemy is amidst them. They will be read about like the Romans, greek.

Yeah obama calls economic migrants who do not want to follow due process and enter the country legally like thousands do every year refugees. If this was a few thousand russians or iranians would it still be a " caravan "

I once owned a business the guy who bought me out now makes double the profits – but it all started with me (-_-)

Not many years ago Obama was saying Yes We Can Politicians are all the same they go round in circles. So much trust put in them only to end up in the same place waiting for the next circle of promises. Psalms 146 v 3.

Blacks voted for Obama because they wanted to put a black man in the White House. Had nothing to do with politics, only the color of his skin. That's not an example of social progress – it's a symptom of groupthink on a mass scale. But right now, hundreds of young black people are gathered at the White House to meet President Trump – a white man who the media has perpetually tried to portray as "racist" and "hateful".

All hail Borat Obahma, the stupidest cheerleader (other than Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton) for the democratic party. Dont get me wrong, he's likeable. But a train wreck as a leader. Anyone who follows the trainwreck vs. The guy who took office and made good on his word. Well, there is a word to describe that. SEND OFF……

I don't think Obama was a great president. But It looks like he is the only hope for Democrats now. He speaks a lot before every election because other popular Democrats such as Hilary or Bernie Sanders are total jokes.

Adolph Hitler took 10 Years to Ruin Germany.
Barack Obama only got 8 years and couldn't complete his Destroy America Plan.
Thank God for Term Limits.

Why has the media not mention that Obama LIED to the entire world press when he stood in front of the cameras and said American special forces had found and killed Osama Bin Laden? Osama Bin Laden was NOT killed and his body buried at sea. Osama Bin Laden is STILL alive and a prisoner within Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp! Why has no one brought this to the attention of the people? I'm surprises that President Trump has not said anything about this fact, why are they keeping it a secret??

What’s Obama’s daily crack habit up to? $1k? Listen to his voice and how erratic ashy Obama looks and sounds like. How the mighty have fallen

Listen Republic And Democrat . If i can i want to vote both of you . If you want to compare who better .

Obama Was President At People Heart . He Is More Friendly Compare to Donald J Trump . Obama Was More Like Multicultural Person .

Trump Was President Of Bussiness . He handle thing harsh way but end with good result sometime . But he isn't as friendly like Obama . He More Like Nationalist

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