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Ole Miss Softball: Halloween Scrimmage

Ole Miss Softball: Halloween Scrimmage

(laughing) (upbeat classical music) – The game is backwards softball with a little bit of a twist. So, we’re gonna use a deflated volleyball, you must hit opposite
hand than what you are. And the pitch is not this, it’s gonna be a bounce pitch to you. Instead of going to first
base, you go to third base. So, your third baseman
is your first baseman, the first baseman’s your third baseman. (ball hits ground) – Fumble! (laughing) (upbeat classical music) (bat hitting ball) (cheering and clapping) (upbeat classical music)
(bat hitting ball) (upbeat music) (cheering) (bat hitting ball) (bat hitting ball) (bat hitting ball) – C’mon, let’s go! (cheering) – Fins up, it’a all about
the D baby, ohh ohh! (feet sliding) – [Voiceover] One, two, three. – I got one thing to say, are you ready!?! – [Everyone] Hell yeah, damn right! Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty, Who the hell are we, Hey! Flim Flam, Bim Bam Ole Miss, by damn! (cheering). – [Mike] Bring it on three: one, two, three! – [Everyone] Bring it
(laughing and cheering)! (upbeat classical music)

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