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One Thing: Drum & Lace – Re-pitching field recordings

One Thing: Drum & Lace – Re-pitching field recordings

Hi, I’m Sofia. And one thing I like to do is field recordings
to create an ambient bed in my work. When I start a new composition, I go through sounds
that I’ve recorded and edited. Here’s one I captured in the south of France. I drop it into Sampler and start experimenting
with different octaves until I find something that creates an interesting texture. Then I’ll start adding effects to it. By using this approach I find new sounds
and keep my music organic.


im not even gonna front. ableton tutorials always basic as shit. theyreally trynna teach me to pitch down a sample while im folliowing niggas who doing wild wavetable savageness on serum. trash bro

Taking it a step further, I really like to take a field recording sample, repitch it, and then fade in and out some peak notch filters (or even resonators) around the frequency of the song's root and fifth at different octaves. If the sample has a lot of white noise-type frequencies, you can get a nice musical coloration out of it. Throw on something like a M4L Granulator (shameless plug: my Grain Mill patch) with a low probability and some slight pitch variation, and you're in texture country.

"and then I start adding effects" – looked like she had never used Decapitator before, the needle was not even moving! What a pointless video…

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