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Paladins Mythbusters – The Inara Edition

Paladins Mythbusters – The Inara Edition


I used my pip ult in casual match, and the ball just kept going against the wall until the wall went down and it still turned people into chickens. I have screenshot of the ball hitting the wall, pretty funny look

the last one … incredible! I hadn't even thought of going through floors.

on a different note, RIP skye, and her ult.

I had A drogoz use his ult on my wall and he just destroyed it a ends his ult? So is it a bug or not cuz I had it happen multiple times

oh my why did I didnt know you were making this vid…
well you answered all..(maybe?) my questions. Thanks 😀
Where do you find all this songs?

if drogoz could kill makoa with dragon punch in the first place, what makes you think a wall can stop it. you will pay for your insolence!

That Makoa only wanted his daughter, Ying back, but with the wall they'll never see each other again


for mythbusting lex/lawman: can he use all of his abilities, during combat slide?
can he execute someone who is immune, like grohk and maldamba F ability?

0:42 that mit is confirmed. look a card that give u antoehr 20 % dmg reduction when stand on e. pls……………

By the way, not sure if you would consider it a bug, but with the pip ult, if you time the wall just right so the flask gets trapped inside the wall, it doesn't actually go off, and continues once the wall goes down.

Honest question :

Does picking Wrecker makes you do more damage against an Inara using Earthen Guard ?
There's a shield symbol on her when she uses it, so I would guess Wrecker would augment the damage you deal to her while she's in that state, you know, the same it does against Ruckus' Emitter.

Friend and i did a thing, he placed a wall on top of Timbermill's usual sniper spot, i managed to place a wall looking at it, but it got placed floors below… Hell yes!

Question: Can Inara be immune to damage if she has max haven, has the Mother's Grace card with her Earthen Guard, minus 20% damage from standing in warder's field loadout card, and Ruckus' repulsor field legendary?

It wasn't a bug, Pip's ult got stuck in the wall and when the wall dissapeared the chicken potion felled on the ground and worked.

wait… going throug a celling or sth like that wit the wall, ive to try that in casual, people cant handel that walls maybe such mlg XD

The "Wall-on-wall" myth can be tested in another way, if u find a map that has an exactly as big mark on the ground as the wall build "hologram/showing", then u can have one inara on each team to aim with the wall on that mark, and then pull the wall up at the same time! Try that!

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