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Pickoff Moves for Pitchers : Best Third Base Pickoff Move for Baseball Pitchers: Part 2

Pickoff Moves for Pitchers : Best Third Base Pickoff Move for Baseball Pitchers: Part 2

Hi! My name is Mike Lumley. On behalf of Expert
Village, I’m here to teach you pitching. We’ll try to go through it gradually and pick up
the speed as we go. Direction, throw, and walk. The walking is very important because
usually the first person that calls bock is the apposing team’s coach. If you’re stuck
out here and the apposing team coach goes bock and the umpire looks, you’re dead to
rights, so really have to make sure that at the end we’re walking towards our target.
A little quicker. A little harder on the arm to do this, and obviously, somebody with a
little bit more arm strength has no problem making this throw. What will happen is the
guys that just can’t quite make that throw will end up turning their shoulders toward
their target just so that they can get themselves coiled up and be able to use their upper body
more. Go through this a little quicker again. A good thing to look at is really get yourself
on video to show the difference between, especially a left-hander. See if you can see the difference
between you going to the plate, coming here, or you coming to the base. That distinction
has got to be very, very tight. Anything that you can take a video camera is a great thing.
If you can take that video camera and if you’re a left-hander, take it to first base, get
in line, and try to see what the 1st base runner is going to see. For me a right-hander,
you’ve got to see exactly what the 3rd base runner is going to see. You really shouldn’t
see a whole lot of distinction between you going home and you going to 3rd base or 1st


It is a balk, that's why he tells you to walk toward third, the runner knows it's a balk, but all the ump sees is you walking toward third

No, that's good. That's no balk. You can cross up to a 45 degree line. This is a bad angle to use, it should be either seeing from home or seeing from third.

there is no 45 degree rule summerrain. but it is still not a balk because his motion is towards third. although its not directly to third its still in that area. thats why he walks towards third after. to inforce that its a legal move.

This is not a balk. His free foot steps more toward 3B than home.

It does not depend that his foot is moving toward home, it's where the step lands.

His advice about the step, and the umpire having P "dead to rights" is bogus. If that free foot does not land more toward 3B than home, it doesn't matter where the next step goes. It will make it harder for the umpire to see.

@jeter2tino24 no. as long as your momentum is not carried to home and you are clearly throwing to third.

Watch for tendencies your feet were close together when you came set. In other videos you rarely brought your feet closer together. Good instruction.

Is the third baseman holding the runner on? Can't see that being taught, and if you're relying on timing then that adds a whole other issue to deal with. I can see runners baiting a pitcher to throw over just to get a wild throw. In my opinion nothing good comes from teaching young pitchers to throw to third. They won't do it in high school, and they certainly won't do it in college or in the pros so why not spend the time teaching them to pitch effectively with runners on base.

For those of you concerned about a balk call, think of this as the opposite of a lefty going to first. Lefty's do this all the time, and it's not a balk.

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