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Pitchers Ice Pack For the Shoulder and Elbow -Pro-Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap pi200

Pitchers Ice Pack For the Shoulder and Elbow -Pro-Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap pi200

Pro Ice. The Best Ice Wraps On The Planet! The Pro-Ice Shoulder & Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap delivers professional, therapeutic icing and compression for the shoulder and upper arm, like no other
ice wrap on the market The unique, patented, window pane design of the Pro-Ice Cryoblanket, hugs the shoulder and elbow to provide custom-type-fit for the target treatment area and maintains a consistent temperature for up to an hour.
It delivers maximum therapeutic effectiveness by cooling the shoulder & upper arm through all four stages of icing, when most other ice wraps only reach stage one or two.
Pro-Ice helps relieve pain and swelling from acute injuries such as rotator cuff tears,
shoulder dislocations, shoulder & elbow tendonitis and shoulder & elbow sprains.
Many athletes use Pro-Ice to help reduce repetitive tissue micro-trauma from turning into chronic dysfunction and pain (prophylactic treatment). Pro-Ice is also effective treatment after
shoulder surgery and during rehab to facilitate quicker recovery. And for use at home for shoulder arthritis and everyday aches and pains. To use, simply remove the two frozen cryoblankets from the freezer, or from the insulated cooler bag and slip the two cryoblankets into the
shoulder and arm portions of the wrap. For easy insertion, fold one of the columns
of ice and slide the cryoblanket into the wrap, then unfold once inserted and secure
the velcro closure. Then repeat the same process for the second cryoblanket.
To prepare the wrap to place onto the shoulder and arm use the straps to make a sleeve. First
fold the larger shoulder portion lengthwise in half and attach the strap as shown, then
fold the smaller arm portion of the wrap into a tube shape then attach the strap with the
velcro closure. The Pro-Ice shoulder & elbow wrap can be used
for either arm. For use on the right arm attach the long compression strap under the corner
of the wrap as shown. For use on the left arm place the compression strap on the top
of the wrap. Then, slip your arm into the “sleeve” of the
wrap then reach behind with your free arm and bring the long compression strap under
the arm and across the chest and attach to the wrap to your comfort. Readjust the other
straps to your desired compression level if needed.
To treat the Scapula or Pectoral muscles, slip the wrap forward or backward and re-secure
the compression straps. The arm portion of the wrap can also be altered up or down to either treat
the upper arm (bicep & tricep) or the elbow. Pro Ice. The Best Ice Wraps On The Planet!

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