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PITCHERS: Your Pace Matters! [Pitching Mindset & Strategy]

PITCHERS: Your Pace Matters!  [Pitching Mindset & Strategy]

What’s up coach Dan Blewett here and in
today’s video we’re gonna talk about pace of game for pitchers in baseball so
we all know that there’s some pictures I’d like to move fast and work fast
there are some pictures that like to work slow for every pitcher that works
slow they should try to move faster and the reasons are this number one your
fielders stay engaged number two the umpire stays engaged number three you
don’t give yourself a big time gap or you can you’re pacing around the mound
and now you can think about what happens if this run scores what happens if that
scallop isn’t like what he sees what happens if you give up two runs this
inning all the fear and doubt and the negative things that can pour into your
head as a pitcher they can pour in when you have time to think about that stuff
so when you’re pacing around the mound you’re rubbing the ball and you’re
needlessly kind of just taking your time more of those fear and doubts can start
to flood into those sort of like cracks in your game when you just get the ball
back you get on the rubber and you are ready for the next pitch you stay
engaged you stay in a good flow and hitters also are sort of defensive they
don’t get a chance to step out and like clear their head and relax their
shoulders they’re like stuck in the box and they’ve got a hit hit hit so we’re
gonna watch a video of an amateur pitcher who’s got a really fast game
pace he does an awesome job and I think he’s a really good example of what you
want to achieve and what you should be trying to do as a pitcher which is
getting a really strong rhythm move fast keep everyone engaged and fire the ball
in there alright so if you’re new to the channel stick around I’ve got lots of
pitching videos there are links in the description to my newsletter to my to
pitching books to my online courses to lots of other resources that can help
use a pitcher but I hope you really enjoy today’s video on pace of game so
pace of game is really really important and as a pitcher you want to stay locked
in as best you can you want to avoid time gaps where you have you know extra
time to think about how high the pressure is what the implications of a
ball or strike is you know what happens if this guy gets a base hit or scores
that run from a third you want to just keep moving to keep yourself in a good
flow in the zone and just keep punching away especially when you’re going well
so as far as specifics about pace of game we definitely want to just keep
moving as quick as we can and shoot for something under 12 seconds per pitch so
if you look at this young man here Wes he’s around seven eight pitches or seven
or eight seconds per pitch and that keeps him in a rhythm it keeps his
fielders locked in it keeps the catcher locked in the umpire locked in and it
doesn’t give the opposing hitter time to get back collect himself think too much
it basically just keeps the advantage in your court keeps the ball in your court
you know as a pitcher when you’re thinking through your situation when
you’re thinking through the pitch that you’re gonna throw you don’t need tons
of time and it’s good for you to start having to think on your feet a little
faster and just getting ready to go you know lots of time wasting comes from
pacing around the mound cake takes it comes from thinking too hard I mean
ultimately you should have a good idea based on the previous pitch based on the
way they hit or just swung the bat or didn’t swing the bat ball or strike
count situation you should have a pretty good idea right away of what you’re
gonna do on the next pitch so really your biggest hasha just be alright let’s
shake to it or let’s get to that pitch Mike catcher calls it and then from
there let’s do this right but pitchers who take lots of time they ended up just
wasting it they’ll get the ball back they’ll pace around the mound they’ll
rub the ball they’ll do all these other things that don’t seem to provide any
tangible benefit so all we want to do is just avoid unnecessary distractions
unnecessary movements on the mound unnecessary pacing just get the ball
pick your pitch stay in in tune with your catcher and execute alright so I
hope you enjoyed today’s video pace of game is really important for
pitchers you always want to get the ball back fired in there keep moving getting
a good rhythm and just do your thing ok so if you enjoyed today’s video
definitely hit the like button subscribe to the channel check out my books my
tutorials my online courses and I’ll see you here in the next video

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