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Pitching – How to improve follow through : Towel Drill for pitchers

Pitching – How to improve follow through :  Towel Drill for pitchers

Speaker 1: With your fingers put the loose
ends in between your fingers, palm up, towel down here, just grab it. What you’re going
to do and you might want to move so I don’t kick you. You’re going to go through your
motion. Mark off a spot where to stop though. You’re going to come through your motion.
Similar to a glove. You’re going to go through. This is going
to help you reach. When you come through you really explode forward. Set up your stance
for me. You can do it on here. There you go. All the way through your motion just like
if you were throwing a baseball. Nope. All right, good tilt on the backside, come through
hit my glove. Not bad, again. Front shoulder up. Not bad,
again. Pretty good. See how that back legs coming through just a little quick? That cuts
down on reach. You let that thing come up and stay back you get to here and let it fall
behind you’ll get more reach. Not bad, don’t jump though. Try it again. Not bad. Now keep
you’re good motion. Still give me that good glove pull. Don’t jump at the end to get there.
I still want to see this, wham! Okay, try it. Pull. Much better, but still not it.
Speaker 2: All right, I got this one. Speaker 1: You got it?
Speaker 2: Just need to remember to put it all together.
Speaker 1: Yeah, that’s all it is. Good.


we use it for inconvenience to get some work in when you might be alone and not have anyone to throw with. it also can be used at home or just about anywhere.

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