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Speaker 1: Two reasons; one, a lot of kids
have the problem with that core strength to get that leg up and what these bands are going
to help… If you are wearing them working them [inaudible 0:00:20] . When you have to
raise that leg it builds that core strength up. It’s also going to build some inner thigh
strength which is going to help them stay balanced. That’s why I really like this. Then
when they actually have to work on their stride position, it’s really going to help them get
explosion out of the hips coming out, because — I’m not wearing any right now, but you
can see the distance that I’m going to have to create if I want to keep my stride the
same. That’s going to develop a lot of power not only in the inner thighs, but a lot power
in these hips which pitchers have got to have. I don’t see any pitchers out there with small
legs unless their just six eight or six nine. They all got good size legs and that’s what
every pitcher needs, especially junior high, high school age group. They can really benefit
from these. I really think they can help two things develop a little bit more power in
the hips and develop more stability in the hips when they’re pitching; which is going
to lead to more consistency, may be some velocity, but biggest thing more consistency because
they’re actually balanced a lot better when their wearing them.
Speaker 2: What about the fielding perspective? Speaker 1: Fielding. I think it’s going to
help range of motion. Again you’re going to develop those hips, but big thing is you can
do contrast with them. If you’re in a fielding position, if you’re in a proper fielding position,
your legs got to be a good distance apart to get to that good base so we can get that
butt down. A lot of kids have the problem because the base is too narrow; well, this
is going to help them start getting stronger in those hips, to get mobile. I can see that
aspect. Then you start talking about crossovers, start
talking about those crossovers really developing that inner core group, thigh strength, in
the hips. You contrast that, take the bands off, now they’re really exploding, increase
in that range of motion, or that range, two or three steps. I really see a good aspect
of that. It’s also going to help them when they come up to throw; it’s going to keep
there. Sorry I came off camera there. Speaker 2: It’s all right.
Speaker 1: But it’s going to help them as they come up to throw, keeping their feet
underneath them instead of getting too wide and too spread out.


Your velocity should increase 1-2 mph. the key as much as velocity is your ball movement and pitch placement will improve.

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