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Pitching Your Film / Film Career Advice #6

Pitching Your Film / Film Career Advice #6

hello everyone! My name is Bota and today
I’m going to be talking about pitching. Pitching is a form of presenting and
selling your idea. Most of the filmmakers have to have this
skill and, especially, if you going to an event and you know you’re gonna meet a
lot of filmmakers, it is a necessary skill you have to acquire. I’m
gonna give five tips on pitching and, hopefully, they’re gonna be useful. Tip
number one, keep it short. Most of the time, you may have just a few minutes to
get the person interested, so you have to keep your idea very short, but
descriptive. Try using keywords, at the same time don’t give too much. You have
to know when the person is interested, and when she or he is interested they
start asking questions. That’s when you know that you did a good job. Tip number
two. This comes from the tip number one, be prepared. When they start asking
questions, you have to know the answer. You have to know about your project,
about your idea, what you’re talking about. You have to be prepared for those
questions they may possibly ask you, so just be always prepared for that. Tip
number three, be excited about your project. If you want to sell your product,
your idea, you have to sound exciting; you have to sound very passionate about your
project; you have to sounds very interesting, so the person who you would
want to work with want to buy your idea. Tip number four, have references. It’s
actually very easy to talk about something if you have visual references.
For example, if you’re inspired by a certain film you can have screenshots
from that film and it actually shows your creativity, that you did your
research. And people will understand your project very easily because you have
something to show than just talking and talking, so just have references. Tip
number five, practice because practice makes perfect.
At Raindance, we actually have pitching skill workshops so you can come to Raindance and try your pitching. You can look at other people, how they pitch and
learn new pitching skills. So that’s it from me.
I hope these tips were useful. Thank you for watching. Subscribe to our channel,
like this video, share it with your friends and we’re gonna see you very
soon 🙂

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