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Portable Water Purifier, Ionizer Pitcher – Tyent TYgo

Portable Water Purifier, Ionizer Pitcher – Tyent TYgo

Hi I’m Tess from Tyent USA and I want to talk to you about the cutest Tyent product, Tygo. That’s Tyent, to go. My kids love this product so much because it reminds them of the little robot when it’s assembled, as cute as it is it’s also pretty serious when it comes to making healthy clean alkaline water on the go. Look the best ionized alkaline water will always come fresh from your Tyent water ionizer machine like these. But, what if
you’re on vacation and can take ionizer with you. You still want to drink pure filtered water that’s full of healthy alkaline minerals.
Let me show you the magic and convenience Tygo. Assembling this
little guy is pretty easy, the proprietary filter
slides in here, the whole unit then screws right into
the base. Now the lid has an interesting dual function, it can either act just as a lid like this or flip it over and wala, you have a funnel which definitely comes in handy you’ll
see. As I pour the tap water in the lid conveniently guides the water to the filter and eliminates any spillage. So check out
what’s happening here, the water is flowing through a special
filter, it’s being purified of chlorine and other heavy metals and contaminants while at the same time it’s also being alkalized by the ironic
minerals in the filter. Once the filter works its
magic you can remove the lid, attach the sports
cap and look, an incredibly convenient all in one Travel Solution in BPA free
container, your is results fresh, great tasting filtered alkaline water. Okay, lets pour the water out. What we’re going to do is add some
reagent drops, they test the pH of the water. And look at that, a perfect 9.5 on the pH
scale! It’s way a healthier than tap water I
originally put in here, again although this water is alkaline it
doesn’t have all the beneficial properties of the
water I get for my electric ionizer but it’s great when I’m
traveling and still want to drink healthy alkaline water. My kids love Tygo because it’s cute, I love it
because it’s healthy. These make great gifts for the people
you care about the most. I certainly enjoyed having you in my
kitchen and showing you what makes Tygo so unique, if you have further
questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with the
friendly Tyent representative who can further assist you. To your health, I’m Tess from Tyent! TyentUSA, The Industry Leader

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