Pour It Out w/ Margot Robbie

-Here is how it works. Each shot sits on a coaster,
which has a personal question written on it.
Okay? You will read the question
silently but you will give your answer out loud. And then you will have to choose
whether to share what the question was
or you can take the shot and keep it a secret. -Can I just point out
that our shots are wearing little kilts right now
and that is adorable. -Our art department
really thought about that for you, yeah. -It’s the sweetest thing
I’ve ever seen. -Here is the take on this game
though, however, you must reveal
at least one question during the course
of the game. -Out of three?
-Out of three. Yeah, that is correct. So, tonight America is finally
going to get all of the answers, just not all of the questions.
Are you ready to play this? -Yes.
[ Laughter ] -Alright, Margot.
you go first. Just look on the bottom
of your coaster and it should have
a question on there. I don’t know what it is.
-Okay. The shot is called
the Mary Queen of shots. -There you go.
See, we’re creative. -That was clever.
I see what you did there. oh, no, I’m not gonna say… [ Laughter ] -You’re having a little trouble
saying the answer. -No, I — um… The answer to that question —
I’m not proud of, but it would be… Also, I’m sorry to do this
on Valentine’s Day. [ Light laughter ] -Also, I’m sorry to do this on
Valentine’s Day, is your answer? -Yes. -Also, I’m sorry to do this on
Valentine’s Day. Wha– Did you break up with him? You broke up with someone
on Valentine’s Day? Oh, my gosh.
[ Laughter ] You really did that?
-It was awful. -Oh, no.
-It was so bad. -Why on Valentine’s? Why didn’t you wait,
like, two days? -I was planning to,
and the conversation arose, and I couldn’t avoid it and it
happened and it was awful. It was really awful.
-Oh, my gosh. -I hope to God
he’s not watching this. -Oh, my gosh. All right
I’m sorry, wow. -Wait, so, do I have to do the
shot or I don’t have to do it. -No, but you can do it
if you feel it. But you don’t have to do it.
You gave us the question. -No, I’m good.
-All right. -I’m good, thank you.
-Here we go. My turn. Alright, Mary Queen of shots
is the name of the shot. Hmm, hmm. Hmm.
-Hmm. ♪♪ Howard Stern’s house. [ Laughter ] -I so badly want to know
this question. -You’re never going to.
-Ah! [ Applause ]
-Okay. -I feel like that could be
any number of things. How was it, by the way?
-It’s actually spicy. -It looked spicy.
I Thought — -Something spicy in that thing.
-I was like, it looked like some sort Of —
-Whew! That’s exactly what it was. -That’s adorable.
Okay. Okay, this shot is called,
Adios, Mofos. [ Laughter ] That’s a great name.
-That is a good name. -Oh, okay. -Now you have reveal one
of these — Oh, no. You already revealed
the question. But you don’t have to,
but I would. [ Laughter ] -No, no, no,
that is not how — I cannot reveal this question. -Really?
-No, I cannot. No, absolutely not. I can tell you
the answer, though, and the answer is Will Smith. [ Audience oohs ] But I cannot tell you
the question, I’m afraid. So, I’m going to do the —
-Wait, wait, hold on. [ Laughter ] Will Smith, though.
Is this about “Suicide Squad”? Is there gonna be another
“Suicide Squad?” -I’ve done two movies
with Will. -Oh, interesting.
-So, you know. -Yeah.
-Layers of complicity there. -I know, but yeah,
but I feel like those — the “Suicide,”
those big super hero movies you’re not allowed
to talk about. Does he die? Does he die? -Make of it what you will,
Jimmy, but I can’t say. -Does he die in a new
“Suicide Squad.” Oh, my goodness!
[ Cheers and applause ] Will Smith. -That was nice.
That was pretty nice. -Will Smith.
How was that? -I think there
was tequila in it. Tequila and like blue food
coloring, I guess. -Adios.
-Adios, Mofos. -Adios, Mofos. Oh, my gosh. -You have to answer. -I know we got three questions,
okay. -Um, Michael Jordan. [ Light laughter ] I can say this one. I will tell you this one. “Who is your worst kiss,”
But let me explain. Let me explain.
[ Laughter ] Let me explain what happened.
No, no, no. Let me tell you what happened.
No, dude. -Please do.
-Let me tell you what happened. It wasn’t that at all,
and it is Michael Jordan, not Michael B. Jordan.
-Not Michael B. Jordan. -No, Michael Jordan
the basketball player, legend. -Oh, I mean, if you had — Okay.
-I was at — -Either way it’s a good result,
so… -I was at a charity thing
for Derek Jeter’s golf tournament,
and I did this chip thing. At the end of the night,
they had some, like, thing, like a dance thing afterwards,
at a dance club. -Where is this going, Jimmy?
-No, no, no, not at all. And I — he goes,
“Jimmy, do you know Michael?” And I go, “No, I’ve never met
him before,” and I said hi to him. And I went to give him, like,
a kiss on the cheek here, but he went to give me a kiss
on the other cheek and we both, like,
kissed each other. [ Laughter ]
It happened very fast, and I was so scared
and he just grabbed me and goes, “Don’t worry about this.”
[ Laughter ] -With his big strong arms
he said, “You’re safe.” -He said don’t — yeah. Don’t worry — don’t worry
about — don’t worry about that. -I think it’s also really —
-Don’t worry about that. It was very serious the way
he said it to me. -But it’s very sweet too,
that when you meet another dude, you go for a kiss on the cheek.
I like that. -You do?
-Yeah, it’s really sweet. Alright, here we go, pal.
Ready for this? We’ll both read
at the same time. -Oh, okay. -Because this last one here
is the final round. We’re both going to answer
the same question. Okay? If we choose not to reveal what
the question was, we’ll have to down
this beer together. -With straws, I see.
-Yeah. -I’m wearing lipstick, so, yeah.
That’s how I drink my beer. [ Laughter ] -Okay. Ready, pal?
-Yeah, yeah. -Here we go. [ Laughter ] -[ Laughs ] -Okay, wait. -These questions
are asking for trouble. -I know. They really are.
On the count of three. Ready? One, two, three. Kate Hudson.
-I don’t have one. -What?
-I don’t have one. -What do you mean?
You don’t have one? I have a rule and my rule — -I kind of have a rule, too. -My rule prevents me from having
an answer to that. -I just answered mine. Well that’s it —
-Which is unfortunate for you. -Now I know, but we’re drinking
now, we’re drinking. -No, no, no, no, you.
You said, Kate Hudson? -Jimmy: Yeah.
-I want to know. -Oh, my gosh.
You didn’t answer. -I did answer.
-Oh, you did answer, but you — -So, you have to say
the question and you have to tell me. Please explain this. [ Laughter ] -Well, it’s not even a big deal.
Alright. [ Grunts ] -Just —
Do you have a — “Do you have a co-star
you thought you could have dated but didn’t?
[ Laughter ] I thought for a second —
I thought for a second. We hung out and we were friends,
and I — this is a true, true story.
-Okay, okay, okay. -I thought maybe, you know,
I don’t know, maybe there could be something. She’s cool and we got along. We were, like,
super good friends. After we did — I took her to go see —
-Wait, how did you know her -No, no.
We did a movie together. -Oh, so she was a co-star.
Okay, okay, okay, okay. -No, we never, never ever,
never did anything, no. Never.
-You were co-stars. -Co-stars — Well, co-stars but she was
in the movie. I appeared in the movie.
[ Laughter ] I never co-starred in a movie,
let’s be honest. “Almost Famous.” -Oh, my God.
You’re in “Almost Famous?” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] [ Applause ] -[ Laughing ] I’m sorry. -Why did —
did you blink? Yeah, so I was in that movie
and we became friends. -I’ll rewatch now
that I know this. -And I had a, yeah, I had beard. I was the second manager that
came in to take over the — [ Laughter ] anyways, we’re hanging out
and I go — One night we went to go see
“Kids in the Hall.” We both like comics,
so I took her to see “Kids in the Hall.” And we’re at “Kids in the Hall,” and she sees Chris Robinson, the lead singer
of the Black Crowes. And we meet him
for the first time. I go, “Hey, what’s up?
I’m a big fan.” Blah, blah, blah,
and then the next day, we we’re going to go ice skating
together in Central Park. -Is that your idea of a date? That’s so sweet.
-Yeah. -It’s nice. I like that.
-So, we met and we went skating, and I put on my skates and she
called me before and she goes, “Hey, do you have
any Black Crowes CDs?” And I wrote, “Yeah, of course.” She goes,
“Can you bring them over?” So I go, “Sure, yeah. I’ll bring them by
the ice rink.” So, I brought them
to ice skating. -Nothing clicked? -No, I thought
she was just friends and she wanted to borrow
them since she was in town. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-So, I go over and I go — we ice skated maybe three
or four times around the rink and then I go,
“So, what are you doing now?” -She goes, “I’ve got to go
because I have a date with Chris Robinson
from the Black Crowes, the lead singer
of the Black Crowes.” I go, “Well, yeah. That’s of course
what you’re doing.” I’m taking my skates off
and I go — -Tears running down your face.
-Yeah, crying on the inside. I go, “I guess you clearly
had no…” But — -You thought it was a date, and
she didn’t know it was a date. -She ended up marrying
Chris Robinson and having a baby. They had a baby and everything. She had no intention
or anything — -And they named it Jimmy,
so it’s okay. -[ Laughs ] And I never got
my CDs back. Oh, gosh, so embarrassed.
Margot Robbie. You got away with that one.

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