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Rag ball game fundraiser to support coach George Schmedier

Rag ball game fundraiser to support coach George Schmedier

A LOCAL COMMUNITY CONTINUES TO RALLY AROUND A WARWICK COACH WHO HAS BEEN HOSPITALIZED FOR MONTHS WITH A MYSTERIOUS ILLNESS. TODAY, HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE CAME OUT FOR A “RAG BALL” TOURNAMENT TO SHOW THEIR SUPPORT AND RAISE MONEY FOR HIS MOUNTING MEDICAL BILLS. EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER KATHRYN SOTNIK IS IN OUR STUDIO WITH MORE. Looklive In- 08:09:55 -08:10:06 “well george schmeider is a popular coach here in ri.he’s been hospitalized since august..and now his family and friends are coming together to help raise some money to help pay for his medical bills.” Pkg- Loc- Warwick Off one 01:00:50-53 (please put his pic up through this whole sot) “he’s a coach .hes a father .hes a husband.friend.everyone loves him.” A MAN WHO WEARS MANY HATS – NOW SICK AND IN A COMA FOR 2 AND A HALF MONTHS…. NO ONE – -NOT EVEN DOCTORS – KNOW WHAT’S WRONG.. HIS FAMILY, THOUGH, SURE OF ONE THING … Toni Schmeider, George Schmeider’s Wife 01:03:29-33 “Remaining hopeful .I have hope and faith I do..and everyone coming together is huge.” Nat and pic of coach off six 01:00:00-02 “batting order…nakavitch.” TO HELP SCHMEIDER OUT – — – HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE GATHERED AT “CITY PARK” IN WARWICK SATURDAY FOR A RAG BALL TOURNAMENT. Nat of bat hitting ball ALL OF THE MONEY RAISED WILL GO TO SCHMEDIER’S MOUNTING MEDICAL BILLS. RIGHT NOW HE’S AT MASS GENERAL HOSPITAL IN BOSTON. Chuck Hurst, Warwick Vets Booster Club 01:00:38-46 (two) “its nothing for him to pack his van full of kids and then travel for three hours and then practice for two hours and then drive three hours back.” IN ADDITION TO BEING A FOOTBALL AND WRESTLING COACH IN WARWICK, SCHMEIDER IS ALSO A TEACHER.. HIS CHILDREN (SHOW A QUICK SHOT OF THEM OFF NINE AT 01:00:07) SAY THEY MISS HIM DEARLY. James Peckham, George Schmeider’s son 01:02:21-30 (off eight) “just spending time.two sisters.” NOW THE FAMILY IS HOPING TO GET SOME ANSWERS FROM A BRAIN BIOPSY THAT SCHMEIDER WILL HAVE NEXT WEEK.. Chuck again 01:01:41-50 “he’s a strong guy and he’ll be back with us so I don’t care if its two more months down the he’s coming back.” Looklive Tag- 08:10:12- “and for more information on how you can help out all you have to do is log onto our website at im ks eyn.” (NN) IT WAS A FUN AND

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