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Rapid Reaction: Baseball 8, Merrimack 7 (05/02/19)

Rapid Reaction: Baseball 8, Merrimack 7 (05/02/19)

We came into the
series knowing that we have to win the series to
actually win the division and actually have a
home field advantage. So this big win is huge
for us because we obviously don’t want to get into
like a double header moment and then have to
win two in a row. We’d rather just
win one right now and then just play one
or just win the series. Talk about kind of the
adversity you guys overcame. I think you trailed
three different times in the game and to keep chipping
away and then to score three in the ninth and walk off. Yeah, I mean, we
battled the whole game. I mean, we came from–
we started off hot. And then we kind of
went down a little. I mean, they battled, too. They came out hard. And then we just kind of
just came together as a team and just fought together. And we overcame adversity. And obviously, we
got the huge dub. And then lastly, talk about
[INAUDIBLE] the walk off two run single. Obviously, you saw him
throw a decent amount of pitches when he came in. And then what’d you go
out there looking for? Yeah, I mean, I
was just up there looking for a fastball,
something I can handle. Kind of the whole night I was
pretty late on everything. I mean, I was just trying
to get my bat out and make adjustments. And then I was able to just
dig in myself and just get the big knock. Awesome. Thanks, [INAUDIBLE]. All right, no problem.

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