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Riley Nelson on BYUSN 9.25.19

Riley Nelson on BYUSN 9.25.19

episodes. I’m jarom, he’s Jason, and we have a dress code here. Occassionally people break the dress code in a good way and this is Riley Nelson. Are you going to Miami? You look fantastic.>>Dave and Dave and Blaine have this look.>>If we would’ve known, we would’ve.>>Today’s a Tuesday.>>No, Wednesday. We can do whatever you want.>>Next time.>>It’s decided.>>The two year hiatus?>>Not a fan but I understand. Utah was able to negotiate a home and home with Florida and we’re trying to fill in quality opponents. I’m okay. I wouldn’t like it any more than that but while I prefer it every year I understand why it can’t be.>>BYU heads to week five, what do you think of the team so far?>>Based off the vast majority of preseason talk, they’ve exceeded expectations. I thought they were going to go 2-2 and people thought I was going blue goggles but by most expectations, theyv’e exceeded and we’ve learned that they’re a team competing in all three phases. I really like that. That’s something I didn’t know but I think they also have questions to answer like more offensive production and consistency of passing and we have to decide what we’re going to be, adapt based on offesne and there’s a great opportuinty to answer those question in the next month of the season.>>I think this next month will be easier but not easy. There are several guys on these power five teams, do you anticipate BYU getting more open?>>I expect the pass game to take the biggest step forward. When Matt bushman was catching those over routes, that’s when Washington relented. Where usc, Tennessee and Utah were manned 90 percent and when they did get in zone, Wilson was able to identify it. I expect as they see that the trend will continue.>>Shameless plug for the film room for that one. Classic BYU tight end job.>>Chad Lewis made his money on it and even going back to Gordon Hudson and the guys I played with absolutely made a living on that play and I want to see our X and our Z which are the talent become more involved on the outside.>>Let’s focus on the rushing attack. Certainly a story is the loss of ty’son Williams which was gut punch for him but maybe on the team as well. What are your expectations for those guys?>>I think they’re prepared and they’ll take advantage. One of the things that works in their favor is while we’re still facing good teams but force equals mass times acceleration and we won’t see that same speed and size and we’ll still face good players but they should have teh size and athleticism advantage and I think those guys are capable. They might not have the complete skill set like ty’son but I expect at worse the rush game to be neutral and getting the offensive line to play against smaller guys means pushnig them around.>>We’re talking with Riley Nelson and you can catch Jason and Riley every pregame. The turnover numbers seem to be stark right now. When they’ve given it up, they’ve allowed touchdowns and is it as simple as don’t turn it over?>>I hesitate to endorse that wholeheartedly. You still have to be aggressive and assertive and take calculated risks. The fumble was unfortunate and it took the wind out of the sails and that was when I talked about calculated risk, tiptoed against the sideline. The risk doesn’t outweigh your reward. The chances aren’t very big but the bad things were and happened and yeah there was some protection issues there but wehnever you get that against a quality opponent you’ve gotta shorten your clock and Zach Wilson still hasn’t completed a full season of starts yet. In a full season it would be 12 but he’s still a freshman with number of stafts and hopefully he learns from that and when turnovers are poor decisions they’re tough to swallow but effort things like the Francis Bernard pick six that was an effor thing. The throw didn’t get there and I don’t have as much of a problem with that but I do with poor decision making and it did rear its ugly head in week four and I don’t want them to get too focused on not turning the ball over.>>BYU’s rush defense numbers are near the bottom and now they’re facing someone 11th in the country and you know they’re going to run the ball.>>And they’ll line up quickly. Rpo becomes a popular term and the quarterback isn’t a huge run threat but he’s rushed for some and he’s a big enough threat and that’s a scheme BYU hasn’t faced and the reality is they faced much more traditional schemes before and this one will be the first of the spread option. That’s what I’m most excited to see. Will that BYU defense answer that challenge. Seemed to stiffen up against the running attack it did cause some issues so I’ll be interested to see what they come up with schematically and address the line issue because they’re going to run a lot of play and ultimately are those guys out to prove something that they’re not the rush defense.>>Well it’s the second road trip to the eastern time zone. Have fun at the glass bowl and we’ll listen at 10 am eastern on BYU radio.>>Don’t watch college gameday who is always wrong about BYU.


I honestly don’t think that our talent is that much better than the other teams we play the next 4 games. I think we go 2-2 the next stretch.

Has anyone addressed the fact that it took BYU a few lucky plays and 2 overtime’s to beat the worst Tennessee team I have seen in my lifetime? And then an overtime win against a struggling usc team with a freshman QB in his first away game? The real tests were Utah and UW and we got destroyed. Not even competitive.

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