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Rock Skip Robot- The Science of Perfect Rock Skipping

Rock Skip Robot- The Science of Perfect Rock Skipping

By the way for anyone wondering the music at 2:54 isn't Faidherbe Square by ProleteR, it's Run, Part 2 by Andrew Applepie. Great artist, check him out.

School isn't always fun but every time I watch one of your videos I realize how glad I am to study mechanical engineering!

I wish you were my uncle and also you actually inspired me as a kid and right now I'm making s prototype of a mini boat
Now I know that there a toy boats but as a kid I enjoyed playing with with them soo I decided to make a boat out of pure metal wood and a little bit of wool
Thank you soo much for inspiring me to make more inventions and keep up the good work

My friend grabs a 10 inch rock without a flat surface and proceeded to say “ I’m going to skip this rock” and just threw the rock normally into the water wth

Love NordVPN, especially their futuristic World Map where trees grow on the Greenland Ice Cap, and Sailboats glide through the Arctic ocean.

Also liking Mark Rober and this clever site, found today.

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