Ryu Hyun-jin to make history by becoming first S. Korean pitcher to start MLB All-Star Game

sporting history will be made within the
next hour so LA Dodgers pitcher Ryu hyun-jin is set to take to the mound at
the 2019 MLB all-star game in Cleveland Ohio as the starting pitcher for the
National League team the South Korean who finished the first half of the
season with a record of 10 and a two and a league-leading er a of 1.73
becomes the first South Korean in major league history to start the summer
classic now you will take on Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros and will
most likely pitching inning before enjoying the rest of the game in the
dugout new is just a third South Korean pitcher to be selected for the all-star
game following Park chan-ho in 2001 and kim jung-han in 2002

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