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Ryu Hyun-jin, with the lowest ERA this season, goes for Cy Young Award against Jacob deGrom

Ryu Hyun-jin, with the lowest ERA this season, goes for Cy Young Award against Jacob deGrom

south korean pitcher Ryu hyun-jin
wrapped up his twenty nineteen regular season with the lowest earned run
average in major league baseball over the weekend so at this under his belt
will you be able to cap it off with the renowned SI unit r1 Zohan has more 2.3
to that’s korean monster dungeons earned for an average for the 2019 MLB regular
season the figure is the average number of runs du has given up per nine innings
pitched and it’s the lowest among all the pitchers in the MLB this year he is
the first Asian pitcher to achieve such a feat it has – a long list of
achievements for the 32 year old LA Dodgers pitcher this year he won the
national league pitcher of the Month award for May and made his first career
appearance and the mo B all-star game in July but the question is will he be able
to put an icing on the cake and when the siyeong word nu has humbly said he
honestly thinks Jacob degrom from the New York Mets deserves the renowned
award which is given to the league’s best pitchers each year but the stats
suggest that both players are evenly matched first the e ra s do you the
number one in the league is point one ahead of degrom but if we look at the
plate innings we can see the grown played more he has played in 32 games
and thrown 204 innings while do only stepped up to the plate for 180 two
point two innings playing three games lest indeed room view edges it on wins
with three more victories and degrom who only won 11 games this year with the
Mets finally the strikeouts this particular figure is why do you thinks
the groom deserves the siyoung award the groom has 255 strikeouts that’s 92 more
than due for most of the season new was a runaway favorite for the siyoung award
he made 17 starts in the first half pitching to a rediculous 1.73 e ra but
his numbers trailed off in the second half
his er a increased 22.3 – while you still has the best er eh this year some
say it may not be enough to make him the first Asian born pitcher – when the
scion word as degrom also had an impressive finish to the season and
ranks ahead of you in several statistics but whoever wins the sayang there’s no
doubt that fans will remember ryu hyunjin’s dazzling 2019 season 101
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