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Salserín, La Primera Vez (1997) | Clip: “Rolling with Omar Vizquel”

Salserín, La Primera Vez (1997) | Clip: “Rolling with Omar Vizquel”

Vanessa is not the girl who wrote me those letters… Servando…. I wanted to talk you for some time now… Look at this! We have the field for ourselves… Let’s play some ball. You can tell me later… Happy Birthday, dude! I didn’t knew what to get you… so I thought What better birthday gift… than to play with Omar Vizquel himself. Come on! Let’s see some rollings… Hit me with a line. Whatever you want. Let’s see how you move in the plate. Bro, you’re the best! I don’t deserve this man. Why do you say that? You’re not just my brother. You’re my best friend. I love you. Wait, wait a minute… Hold it right there. You know how they call me? The Little Salsa Player of Baseball I’m such an asshole. Servando get Omar Vizquel to sign me a baseball… And I’m just thinking about the girl he is in love with… I should tell him everything.

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