Six-Ball Blocking Drill | Softball Catcher Drills

Softball Catcher Drills: Six Ball Blocking
Drill [Intro Music]>>AJ Hamilton: Explosive lateral movements
are extremely important for catchers. By using the six ball lateral blocking drill,
catchers are able to focus on explosive lateral movements without the impact of the softball
being thrown.>>Hamilton: Start by evenly spacing out six
softballs so that they are about two feet apart. The catcher will start in a receiving position
behind the first ball and then block each ball working down the line. The main focus of this drill is the explosive
lateral movement that is needed in order to block the next ball down the line.>>Hamilton: Make sure the athlete blocks
to the right and to the left. As the athlete progresses, speed and explosiveness
will increase. Quickness from side to side is crucial to
being an effective blocker. [Outro Music]

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