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Softball Arizona 2019 – A Motivating Story of Kenzie Fowler – Freshman Pitcher

Softball Arizona 2019 – A Motivating Story of Kenzie Fowler – Freshman Pitcher

Softball Arizona 2019 – A motivating Story of Kenzie Fowler Kenzie Fowler was destined to be an Arizona Wildcat Both her parents are Arizona grads, and they’ve owned softball season tickets since Hillenbrand stadium first opened They didn’t need a babysitter to attend the games. Yeah, I grew up in Hillenbrand bleachers my parents used to put a blanket in the bottom of the bleachers and I would Sleep while they were watching with their parents passion for softball. It was a foregone conclusion Kenzie would also play the game. She excelled at an early age when she was about nine years old It was obvious that she was probably slightly better than her peers at that age she will tell you that she threw a no-hitter in one of her first organized games and We’ve had to remind her that she had 17 walks to go with the no-hitter It was pretty obvious to us that she threw the ball as hard as about anybody in the nation at that time speed wise While Kenzie was dominating her youth softball league, Arizona coach Mike Andrea was teaching and coaching with Kenzie’s grandfather Norma was used to come in and tell me about his Granddaughter and how good she was gonna be and I you know, Norma was a great storyteller and I would always say yeah, yeah Yeah, you know and then as she got older and we started Following her and watching her we knew that she had a chance of being pretty special make that very special Kenzie would go on to become a four year high school all-american at seidio high school leading the Dorados to three state championships she was the three-time Arizona Gatorade Player of the Year and the two-time Gatorade National Player of the Year fancy followers in 2007 2008 Gatorade national softball the Player of the Year the awards are all the more amazing because Kenzie Fowler is lucky to be alive during the run to the state championship her sophomore year Kenzie began feeling sporadic pain in her throwing arm after pitching for the u.s. Junior national team the pain grew worse She started telling us she didn’t feel good We just thought it was a simple, you know illness and no big deal Try not to dwell on it too much, but we kept telling her Hey, are you getting lazy and how come even want to practice today? So she actually got a little bit complacent and said I don’t feel like practicing should an indication as a parent that something’s wrong He had allowed her to Pitch a lot as a young kid She played on a 10 you team for a while played under 1218 for a while And we allowed her to pitch too much as the is the truth didn’t know that it would cause problems later on in May of 2007 during a practice session at school her arms swelled to nearly twice. It’s normal size my arm was bright blue and I said coach like what’s wrong with my arm and And he called my mom and she took me to write to the hospital and I was there for two weeks I didn’t even know what was going on Everything just happened so fast, but I knew my mom was really scared She had you can read your parents I could read her face that something wasn’t right and I didn’t know that my life was in danger I didn’t know that my softball career was in danger until after the whole things. Kenzie was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome Caused when the blood flow between the arm and rib is restricted or shut off Kenzie went through a series of surgeries to remove clots between her heart and arm Then came the news that there were more clots in the carotid artery which leads out of the brain and into the neck and upper body The surgeons explained to Kenzie’s parents that there was a high probability Kenzie could die during surgery from a stroke or heart attack But the surgery was successful ironically it took place while the U of a softball team was battling, Tennessee in the Championship series of the Women’s College World Series when she woke up from the very last surgery The very first thing she actually said was who won the game It’s no surprise that for an elite level softball player watching the game would be part of her recovery Sounds kind of corny but I feel like the Women’s College World Series got me through it because that’s all I would just think about Is I want to be there I want to be there I Slayed in bed and just watched and I don’t know I feel like that’s what got me through it and the Wildcats Boosted Kenzie spirits by winning the national championship Kenzie survived the risky surgery But would she ever pitch again? She had Hardware holding her sternum together and the surgery had removed a rib and some muscle tissue You really didn’t have a whole lot of spectators, but it was part of a healing process Just just to see her out there we didn’t care what her win or lose and You know to her credit she came back about nine months later and and threw a strike on her first pitch so we knew that maybe that’s maybe it’s meant to be my biggest thing was that she was gonna be healthy and Be able to live a normal life and I knew that if there was any chance or any Any opportunity for her to come back in place? She would and you know, she’s responded tremendously. It’s amazing every day I watch her too they kind of know what she’s been through and how tough it was on the family and in people that Knew Kenzie and saw the bright future that she had so I’m just glad she’s been able to make that a reality Made me realize that you can’t take anything for granted. I just feel so blessed to be here Just playing softball and not the fact that it’s for Arizona my dream school is just even sweeter. The one thing I love about Kenzie is she’s she’s very balanced very level-headed very naive about the game, you know, I mean I’ll walk up to her before a game and she’ll say are these guys any good, you know? And I know she doesn’t know and sometimes what you don’t know Doesn’t hurt sometimes when you’re performing in and so right now she’s just you know one of those kids give me the ball and I’m gonna go out and Throw my butt off and she’s done a great job of that Mike Kendriya has coached other dominant pitchers how good can Kenzie Fowler be she’s got everything that it takes to be a Dominant force at this level. I hate to judge a kid until they’ve been through it and to me I don’t want to try to put more expectations on her than I need to I really believe that she’s got the tools And if we can put things together that she’s gonna have an opportunity of doing quite well here Can she be another Jennie Finch and whoever she becomes? I’ll be happy with because I know she’s a great kid that works hard and and Prepares well, and you know if you can add the skills to it Then you got a chance of being pretty special Kenzie Fowler already is pretty special after all she’s alive

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