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Softball News 2019 – Louisiana Tech Softball Field Damaged by Deadly Tornado

Softball News 2019 – Louisiana Tech Softball Field Damaged by Deadly Tornado

Softball News 2019 – Louisiana Tech Softball Field Damaged by Deadly Tornado Or in the n-c-double-a softball tournament perhaps none have gone through more adversity than Louisiana Tech an f3 tornado tore through their campus on April 25th Two people were killed over nine million dollars of damage to the city there in Ruston Their softball facility is a total loss and will have to be rebuilt But this resilient team has fought forward and they are still in the incidently tournament winning their first regular season conference Championship joining us now is their coach Mark Montgomery and coach. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through as a group I remember emailing you the week of the tornado. And you said we’re just trying to get through practice today How did your young ladies get through that difficult and very terrifying moment when that tornado tore through town? Well, you know I think it’s just one of those things that you just kind of take the next step whatever that is and You you take it all in it was surreal you know when it first happened and everybody was just in shock and then you just do what you’re supposed to do next and then you’ll worry about what’s next and you just keep going and and Eventually, we had a practice that afternoon and it certainly was far from a good practice But but ultimately it It allowed us to start processing and moving on and then when you see the community and the involvement that they put forth in terms of helping clean our Facility and doing all the work and just the total support of both, Louisiana Tech University in the Reston community It was just a sight to see and I think it inspired our girls to Realize that they were playing not just for themselves anymore, but for something much bigger They did carry on playing a UL Monroe allowed you to go up just that very weekend senior weekend You had a series against the first place team in the conference and you borrowed a field and you still found a way to one to win that game but tell us a little bit about how putting life in perspective and realizing that softball is just something fun that you do how that Kind of helped your team actually get better on the field Well it did because it allowed our girls to to see that, you know there’s no pressure attached to a game a games just going out and and and doing what you trained for and you enjoy and and you know pressure pressure is a lot greater and and when they see that You know again how much work had to be done in the community and how many helping hands came out to do it? it allowed them to see that you know, but You know we just need to just go play and and there’s nothing that we need to feel pressure about or worry about and and You know We had girls that were working and and trying to help clean up and and then take senior pictures and then go play a game but You know They were proud to do it and and you know again the community was fantastic just in all their help but like you said Monroe offering up their field was a Tremendous gesture on their part and again, it was just an overall overwhelming sense of just family Well, thank you so much coach mark Montgomery. He’s got their team 44 wins the third highest total in school history Just headed up the road to LSU for this regional I know that even though you’re playing against Louisiana State you are going to have all of Louisiana have your back and be cheering loud for you in the NC double-a tournament. Thank you so much coach Beth thank you very much Holly appreciate everything

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