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Softball Overview : How to Play Catcher in Softball

Softball Overview : How to Play Catcher in Softball

Hi, my name is Jill Weiss and I’m going to
tell you a little bit about how to be a catcher. First thing you want to take into account
is equipment for a catcher. Safety is the biggest thing so you want to make sure that
they’re properly equipped. A catcher has the headgear, the face mask, the chest protector,
the shin and knee guards and a proper catchers mitt. Once you have all that together, that’s
the first step on being a catcher. Second thing is a catcher is probably the most, one
of the, if not the most important person on the field. They are the only player on the
field that can see everything. They are kind of the communicator of the group. They’re
the ones that deals with the umpire, they’re the ones that touch the ball the most. Getting
people out, things like that. So they’ve got to be definitely one of the biggest communicators
on the team. As a catcher, you can do a couple different things. You want to make sure that
you’re just far enough back from home plate to where the batter is not going to swing
at your face because if a batter swings and it hits the glove, its catchers interference.
So you got to kind of give enough room between home plate and yourself. Once, when you’re
receiving the ball from the pitcher, you have to do anything you can to block the ball because
sometimes a pitcher’s going to have a bad day and they’re going to be throwing it in
the dirt or they’re going to be throwing it up here. You got to be agile. You got to be
able to move around, things like that. Be able to catch the low ones. Be able to jump
up and catch the high ones. Whatever you can to block that ball from going behind so somebody
doesn’t come in and score. Another thing is you want to remember to use two hands if you
can. Anything you can to block it. On a low one, you’re going to try and drop to the knees.
Use your chest, use your knees. That’s why you’re kind of protected to do anything that
you can to block that ball. My name’s Jill Weiss, those are just a few tips on how to
be a catcher.


actually her stance is right that is the first stance and you arnt sopost be on the balls on your feet cuz your not balance. i know this because i get a trained by a girl who is in a college level catcher.

ya i know!!! people dont know what they are talking about!! she is doing everything correctly!! my trainer is a college level catcher and thats how you do it (just she doesnt have the secondary stance and thats fine cause this is probally for beginners)

I'm so glad that she told me to stand away from the hitter so that I don't get hit in the head with the bat. I almost forgot that! lol..

ummm…i'm pretty sure your not suppose to be on the balls of your feet. thats not stable, and you can fall over easily…pretty sure your suppose to be on the insides of your feet.

softball angel, if you got advice from a professional your making it up because there is no PROFESSIONAL SOFTBALL!! and some can throw to a velosity that if you did catch with two hands the hand not in your catchers mitt would be in extreme pain…if it was slow pitch like in this video sure but not fast pitch…

she forgot to tell that as a catcher that you CAN catch foul balls for the out! Even If the batter tips the ball with his or her bat, the catcher can catch that for the out. Catcher can catch any nearby foul balls for the out. That's why the catcher has more opportunities to make outs than right field.

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