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Softball Rivalry: Jaguars host Wildcats

Softball Rivalry: Jaguars host Wildcats

(rock music) – [Announcer] Tuesday
night softball action from Blue Springs South. Defending state champ Jaguars
opening their home schedule in a cross-town rivalry
matchup against Blue Springs, but the Wildcats wasted no
time making themselves at home. Top 1st, one on for Bella Andrews, and she takes one deep over the fence, so Wildcats jump out to
an early two-nothing lead. But in the bottom of the
inning the Jags would respond. Tory Bradley firing one into right field, and that’ll being in Regi
Hecker to cut the lead in half. Then, next batter, Bailey Brumley, gonna drop one into shallow left so McKenna Lester comes in
to knot things up at two. This one would go back and forth, though. Top 2nd, bases loaded for Andrews, and once again she would deliver, as the senior cranks another
one over the center field wall. So Wildcats take a commanding
six-two lead over South, but the Jags, not about to go quietly. Bottom 2nd, two out, Lester
popping one up into left, but it will end up dropping. So Kylie Richards scores
to make it six-three, and both teams would add a
run to make the score 7-4, so now we move forward. Bottom 6th, Jags looking to rally. Lester gonna sneak one past second base, so that’ll bring in Lauren
Good and Lauren Rogers to make it 7-6. Then, next batter, Addie
Lightner, would keep it going as she drives one down
the left field line. Hecker and Lester will
come around to score. The Jags move back in front, and that is where they would stay, as South hangs on to win this one. Final score nine-seven, with the Jags holding on
to their undefeated record at 7-0, while the Cats move to 5-2. Be sure to stay tuned to
our social media pages for more highlights as
we follow the Wildcats and Jaguars athletic teams
during the fall sport schedule.

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