Softball Senior Day 2018

Sam Bates she’s joined by her parents today, Jack and Tammy Bates, this senior from
Springford high school is majoring in criminal justice with a concentration
in Corrections a two-time Hall of GLIAC selection and a two-time GLIAC all
academic team member she is pitched in 71 games through more than 300 total
innings has 125 strikeouts while starting 43 games after graduation she plans
to continue her education at Ferris State and obtain her master’s in
criminal justice administration she would like to tell their teammates the
girls have no idea how much our relationship means to me also for her coachs yeah
that for years interesting you have a new coach each year has been hard but
the through this season of touch to her it looked to them as coaches first but
also his family senior outfielder from Rochester Hill is number eight Emily
spent today by her parents lloyd and richard smith a graphic design major
here at Ferris State she’s a two-time plea act all academic team selection and
was in all-conference in my memory two years ago also has been named to the
dean’s list three straight seasons and is measuring designer from 501 after
graduation she plans to make enough money to get tattoos operably
of course you see every day we would like to tell her teammates and coaches
thank you for sticking around and thank you to every coach who has helped her in
her career as a student athlete next up a senior outfielder from Coloma
Michigan number nine Katie Shire is with today her mother
Rochelle uhlig and father Dave Shire and she is majoring in dental hygiene and
allied health sciences here at Ferris State in her career she’s played in 40
games over ten seasons with the Bulldogs that’s 15 hits 15 runs scored four
doubles three homers and a triple with 15 RBIs she transferred to Forrest a 4.0
grade point average and was on the Dean’s List Michigan College where she
received National Junior College Athletic Association academic
all-america honors has been on the Dean’s List all the whole semesters here
at Ferris State her favorite Bulldog memory includes getting to continue her
collegiate career with Lexie simples again after growing up together and
playing on the same team yeah next up is senior catcher from Bay City number 10
Emily read in Amy this senior standout from Bay City John Glenn high school has
played in a hundred and sixty-three games
that’s 165 hits 95 RBIs 82 runs scored 30 doubles six homers and five triples
she is a criminal justice major and her favorite memories include all of the bus
trips full of laughs as abel died she has been on the Dean’s List every
semester since enrolling at Ferris State has been named the honoree of the
outstanding student award and all GLIAC selection top dog award winner and a
hell invented scholarship recipient she plans to continue on to get her master’s
degree in criminal justice and would like to thank her teammates and coaches
for making her senior year a memorable one she would also like to thank her
parents and family who’s supporting her even if it meant sitting in the cold
rain or snow exceeder as an infielder from Coloma Michigan number 15 Lexie
summer we’ve heard today with other keep these
numbers with father Barry summers a dental hygiene major her favorite
Bulldog softball memory includes two hitting two home runs in one game in
Florida she has played in 66 career contests as 22 hits at 16 runs scored
also 12 RBIs and 3 home runs this season who is Tomac 110 career advance for the
Bulldogs after graduation she plans to move to
Pittsburgh and get a job as a dental hygienist she would like to tell her
teammates who she met recently and some she has been with through every single
day of her college career that she cannot thank them all enough for me and
her best friends and sisters she would not trade any of you for the world she
would also like to thank her coaches for putting so much effort into this program
she’s extremely thankful for all of the time and dedication that you have sent
spent and finally a senior pitcher from Bay City number 25 Hanna Olympic with
her today are her parents Cheryl and Randall this Bay City Western
standout is mentoring in biology here at Ferris State her favorite Bulldog
softball memory includes kiddy weekend opinion better budget the other team in
her sophomore year in Florida as a bulldog softball player she has been a
student athlete on the honor roll and it Dean’s List honoree Kristen 22 games
over two seasons on the field in the program started to catch us in the
circle for the Bulldogs and thrown more than 50 innings of action with 23
strikeouts after graduation she plans to attend physician assistant school we
would like to thank her teams are welcoming her back with open arms this
season and for being so much more than teammates this program has given her
more than she could ask for but by far the best gift was her 27 new sisters

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