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Softball Wins 2019 Season Opener

Softball Wins 2019 Season Opener

and that one goes run on third base line
and that’s fair one comes home to comes home advancing one to third and the
Eagles score two runs to take a two nothing lead in this game and hitting that one right down the
middle least ones gonna score for the Eagles talley coming over the Eagles and
she is safe two more runs for the Eagles make it four nothing and that’s what you
want to do for the home crowd your first game of the season and that one’s hit deep and that’s gonna
go Eagles looking to score too and they will looking for the triple
and Wimer gets it a two RBI triple and that one goes right in the middle
right in the gap but she’s going for two she could be going for three and she is and that one goes i’m goes and
she’s safe an inside-the-park home run for morgan Landes and that once hid deep deep deep and I
was gonna drop and once coming back for the Eagles head she’s marked safe 7-1 that once a high indeed and I was
gonna go in and she’s gonna get the two RBI triple

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