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Solving Super Monkey Ball’s biggest mystery

Solving Super Monkey Ball’s biggest mystery


hello! i dropped a new line of merch about 15 seconds ago. it has a familiar theme some of you may recognize

This is incredible, Nick! You are doing the work of the Gods. Every video you put out amazes me, thank you for all your hard work!

I'm supposed to be sleeping for work, but instead I'm up watching a documentary about finding the voice narrator for a game I've never played before. I guess you can say that you did a good job telling your story. It really pulled me in and kept me interested throughout the whole video.

You brought answers to our childhoods , that right there is why it’s important to us and should be important to others, helping people build there nostalgia shaping there minds

You went on an irl "date" with a super famous "foriegn" comedian, talked on the phone with a voice actor, AND had a Skype "date" with another voice actor! You have more charisma than Dio Brando! You actually have more charm than a fictional vampire! That's actually insane!

I have finals this morning and I just laid in my bed and watched this whole thing. My brothers and I grew up with Monkey Ball 2 for the GameCube and had never thought much about the voices until now

26:45 God, this is the best twist since the Mustachioed Bear revelation. Your storytelling is so good, I’m always getting chills over small video game trivia.

My wife's from Japan, and we're heading back up next May. Let me know if you need me to look up anything! (If you don't have the opportunity yourself. Haha)

There are likely going to be a lot more cases like this just so people like Nick would go through a ton of effort looking for who they are so they can become well known off of it

It's almost 4am and I have finals in a few hours that I have to study for. Yet here I am watching a 30 min video on finding the mystery narrator from Super Monkey Ball

the voices give me nostalgia of when i was a kid playing some random arcades o-o

edit: dude you're doing such amazing work! What a ride!

At this point you're just thinking of videos you can travel to japan for so you can write it of as buisness expense

This documentary is amazing. I love these kind of moments in video when the mystery is finally solve in a good ending!

Oh my God! This was incredible, I tried to find the voice a while ago and gave up pretty quickly. In the words of the man himself, congratulations!

I think it's because Brian and Matt are pretty common surnames is what threw both of them off, since they may have thought "Brian" and "Matt" were two different people as they didn't have a common family name attached.

I don't get why this is such a mystery that needs to be uncovered. I could of not known and my life would be the exact same.

Amazing video! but I wish he showed him Gon Gon and Badboon's voice clips. especially cause Badboon's voice is just a regular guy talking but reversed

Absolutely brilliant video with some top-notch research. Easily one of the best on your channel (and that's a high bar!)

So I guess he really was happy that some American was interested in him and he also had some free time
You just wasted it with your stupid question and if you ask me he doesn't looked like he was happy when he found out what you were out for
Seriously dude, who the fuck cares

I have a feeling that Brian Matt is going to become a regular guest on Nick’s channel. And I’m absolutely ready for it.

I was really caught off guard by how compelling this video was. The heart-warming turn it took at the end was a perfect punctuation and an excellent rebuttal to any cynical "who gives a shit" impulses one might have.

We've spent hours of our formative years ensconced in what developers, visual artists, composers and musicians, and voice actors collaborated on to create. These experiences leave an indelible mark on us and it's worthwhile to consider all of the human components that needed to come together to make them a reality.

Your point at the end of the video is well taken, my dude.

Those new clips from [redacted] at the end hit me with some hardcore whiplash god I love when VAs record custom stuff for youtubers

The fact that Patrick remembered his first name, and Chris the last name is some huge detective movie shit. That's awesome. Loved the Monkey Ball series, wonderful video, man!

I honestly want to thank you I loved this game and I would play for hours with my dad. I had completely forgotten about it now I have to bust out the the old cube.

I know spiritual successor rolledout is in development. But i am still looking forward to play super monkey ball 3 or super mone ball maker someday i dream.

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